Incredible Design of Wood Planter Boxes for Big Plants

Do you think that you need a big plant but you do not know how to plant it? in fact, your dream to have such big plant can come true. How is it? the way to do it is by making a woo planter boxes for your plants. In this post, the writer would like to show you some nice great wood planter boxes concept for plants.

You can see in the picture there are so many samples of wood planter boxes. We take one sample, it is showed in the picture, there is a nice small wood planter box with square design. This box is for big plant. This planter box has four legs and it is put in front of the house which has concrete flooring. This wood planter box is not painted in particular color. Unlike the other wood planted box which is made in many numbers for office exterior decoration. These planter boxes are painted in green coloring with medium size. They look so wonderful and fresh.

Why do we choose this wood planter box anyway? We choose this because this planter box is lighter the the concrete one. Thus, this wood planter box is easy to be made and suitable for big plants. If you want to plant such a guava tree, you can use this wood planter box, and when the tree is getting bigger and bigger you can move the guava tree into the direct land without the box. This box is removable and can easily be broken. Since this wood planter box is light, so you can lift the plant anywhere you wish. Instead of big plants, you can also grow some flowers through this wood planted box. You just need to put some soil inside the box and the start to plant the flower.


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