Wood Vent Hood That You Might Want to See

A wood vent hood is an important part in your kitchen as it is used to direct the heat and smoke to the outside of your kitchen. The great wood vent hood is not just functional, but also stylish so that your kitchen is nice-looking.

The wood vent hood is usually mounted against the wall or over the kitchen island. It can also be installed under the cabinets. For further detail of wood vent hoods, you can see those pictures in the following articles.

You can install the wood vent hood on the wall between the kitchen cabinets. It is better for you to choose a wood vent hood that has the same finishing to the kitchen cabinets so that your kitchen looks well organized. In addition, you can put certain decorative elements or a centerpiece on the backsplash under the wood vent hood such as presented in the picture.

If your kitchen dominantly presented in white scheme, you can decorate a wood vent hood in dark brown finishing. It is used to give rustic accent to the kitchen. You can install it on the wall with double props. For the centerpiece, you can put a picture on the wall as the focal point.

Next, you can also install wood vent hood in L shape if you have a larger space in your kitchen. This vent hood is classier and more elegant and it is also suitable for any kitchen styles. Then, don’t forget to beautify the decoration in your kitchen by presenting a sophisticated backsplash installation under the wood vent hood.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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