X Base Stool Ideas

Highlight your room with the series of X base stool. Why X base stool? This kind of furniture is practical and space-effective one that is always perfect for both large and small rooms. Its small size allows you to put it anywhere you want. It can also be additional seats when you’re lacking seat units in a particular moment, such as impromptu party, accidental big family gathering, etc.

Most people claim that X base stool is only as the seat feature. Probably you’re one of those who guess like that. But actually, this type of furniture has multiple functions. An x base stool can be used as the table or additional table in indoor or outdoor spaces. Just add a tray on top of stool and instantly it has been a usable table.

X base stool is also a smart idea of seat unit for a bedroom vanity/ powder vanity. Such function may be so common to see. Almost people asked about x base stools will explain that this seat feature is a backless seat for vanity. You may also figure out that such furniture can be used as an ottoman. Just look at the design. Its design looks so similar with the ottoman.

Let’s moving on x base stool variants. There are three main types of x base stools available in furniture outlets. These types are upholstered, leather top, and solid wood x base stools. The expanded designs are produced to enhance the users’ taste and need. X base stools are also available in various designs, such as rustic, mission, modern, classic, country, vintage, and others. Visit our gallery to see more collection designs of x base stools.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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