10 Best Ideas of Interiors with Inserted Personal Touch that Adds Style

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Your home seems like a canvas to express your personal style through decor option. Whatever the decor you’ve taken, you must be proud of it; this is the reason why you should be serious to select the most favorite design for your home. In this case, actually you don’t need to be a professional designer to design the ideal space based on your personal style that you’ll be happy with. You can do it by yourself. To make the spaces modern and minimalist, for example, you just need to re-design the whole space with minimal and clean line concept. Start with the ways of how to add a modern touch like we’ve shared in these following ideas.

Kitchen as one of most-frequently-used spaces needs a little bit of remodeling touch for simpler and cleaner in look. The instant solution for this is choosing the right light fixture and clean-finish cabinets.

Always charming and quite warm. Wood finish could be best alternative to add a warm look as well as a natural vibe to any rooms. Simply with a midcentury modern chair and vivid flowers, this space looks elegant, cozy, and modern for sure.

bay window seat idea built in wooden bench with yellow cushions


Keep striking with the bold color hue and yellow is the chosen hue that playfully accentuates this room. The natural vibe has existed through the wood finish that beautifully covers up the built-in corner bench. A corner houseplant is just the decorative piece but it’s able to add a fresh and clean air to this room.

What an ideal workspace! Filled with the natural light and clean-line furniture, this workspace absolutely provides the coziest space for study or work. Ultra-light wood finish, both on floors and bookshelves & cabinets, offer warm and soft look, indirectly creating a comfy visualization.

Well-lighted and so airy feel, this hallway actually displays a perfect view of soft and clean line wood finish you can find in the whole room. Floor-to-ceiling curtains of course add a dramatic look to this space.

Finished in plywood, the bedroom looks very minimal, well-lighted, airy, and clean look. Black duvet cover becomes the one and only element that’s bold and stunned.

Furniture with simple details is one of the characteristics of modern design and this bench meets that characteristic. Its hairpin legs make the bench fits any space, including the small spaces.

You’ll never be wrong to include a complicated look in your modern-minimalist seating area. This wicker chair, for instance, just adds the texture in phyical and visual way.

Need a simple yet modern look for your most favorite spot at home? This Yuragi rocking chair will be your best choice. The chair is designed with classic and elegant touch. It’s very natural as it’s originally made of organic wood from Japan, especially from Okayama.

Sunny yellow, what a lovely color! It definitely brings a cheerful and a poppy look. When it stands alone, it perfectly stands out and will potentially be a room statement.

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