10 Gorgeous In-Ground Hot Tubs for Outdoors

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In-ground hot tubs become one of best options that offer so much relaxation at home. There are so many design options and most of them are flexibly built in outside or insi1de the house. The size is also various, starting from small to large ones. If you’re looking for the best designs of in-ground hot tub for your home, here are ten best ideas of in-ground hot tubs that probably will inspire you. Let’s see in more details.

Simple yet modern in-ground hot tub idea. The whole design is clean line and minimalist. The additional throw pillows, of course, add more comfort as well as complement the tub. The location possibly lets the user feel the air freshness while having relaxation in this cozy tub.

Put an in-ground hot tub on nearest the seating area sounds great. It offers us a good option of what kind of relaxation we want to choose. Such setting is very ideal for a massive number of people in which those have some options of spot where they want to have fun (have a relaxed moment on tub or just sit on while enjoying the cocktails).

Just imagine you’re having relaxation in such nature-feel hot tub. It must be so satisfying. The natural stone paves and the greenery growing well around the tub surely give the real natural atmosphere.

Need privacy in your in-ground hot tub? This idea really meets your choice. The tub is permanently surrounded by pallet and hard textured walls, so you can enjoy your time without worrying about the intruders or something.

Half-curve inground hot tub idea – the design is unique and the size is really ideal for a new family. The tub is firmly built from concrete and decorated with modern wall lighting fixtures at the background.

A corner in-ground hot tub idea with pergola. The idea is brilliant, especially for those whose unused corner space. Small size isn’t a matter but the coziness is the first priority. Make this spot more comfortable with smaller terracotta tile floors, and garnish the rest of ground with the green grasses. Perfect!

It’s interesting to add a small seating area inside the hot tub. It’s practical as well as functional when you need a seating area nearest the tub. This space has been completed with a standing shower-head if you need to clean up your body.

all white in ground hot tub outdoor shower space idea green plants for outdoor


All is white and accented with the green plants growing in some spots near the tub. Interestingly, the outdoor shower space complements this place.

Smallest in-ground hot tub idea. This idea can be adopted if you matter about the limited space. Building the same tub on rooftop also sounds a great idea if you really don’t have any space in lower floors.

rounded in ground hot tub idea white painted wood panel walls with growing vines & greenery

Piscina de Fibra Brasil

In-ground hot tub in round shape. The tub is completed with inner steps for easier access when used. The steps are also used as the seats. The walls really attract me; they’re just the wood panels but the vines & greenery are growing wells in space between the wood panels, giving a dramatic wall background for the tub.

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