10 Hottest Color Trends for Sofa that Visually can Give Your Living Room A Big Update

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Sometimes we need something new to update our living room in simple way and choosing a sofa with bold and poppy color is the best solution. Compared to neutral sofas, bold and poppy-colored sofas easily catch everyone’s eyes but it’s important to choose the right color hues; don’t let the chosen colors are overpowering and visually make those sofas overlooked and boring. I personally like to change the look of my living room; sometimes neutrals look good but on the next day I love vivid colors. I’m sure that sometimes you feel the same thing. The happening color trends will help us; at least they give us more ideas of what color we’re gonna pick for living room update. Let’s start from the following color.

Mustard always seems like the most favorite on trend. It’s bold yet not overlooked; this is the reason why many experts call it ‘in-between’. It means yes it’s colorful but still neutral.

Light and soft, this midcentury modern sofa offers an ultra-modern look to your living room. Complete the sofa with a clean line coffee table for more stylish sitting area.

Designed in midcentury classic, this green sofa features soft-textured velvet, tufted benchseat, and back cushions. Add a couple of bolsters to complete this sofa.

If you are looking for something bold and poppy, a yellow tufted seat like this one is well-recommended for you. The loveseat slipcover is covered with tufted yellow linen plus decorated with a neutral throw pillow for a balanced look. I like the way the designer places this loveseat at the corner of space; it’s perfect with other corner beautifiers like the houseplants, shelving unit, and an oversized pendant.

Inspired by coral color hue, here is a sofa which takes a new color hue: a mixture of coral, lava, and old rose. It seems perfect when gray and light wood become the complementary hues.

Wanna feel smooth, soft, and calm, pastels are your best answer. To welcome the next Spring, let’s decorate our home with pastels. Pastels visually bring neutral, washed-out, milky, and desaturated. Like this blush, it looks matched for any color hues, including the soft ones like gray-washed.

Leather color hue is classic yet elegant, a perfect choice for a formal living room. Designed in ultra-modern look, this sofa is definitely a worthy-lounge. Complete it with a brass side table for a modern look.

It’s darker Italian leather. Covered with a darker brown leather finish, this sofa brings a rustic look. The overall design offers a deep and soft leather finih that absolutely provides a huge comfort. The finish also sends a stylish and exposes a raw look.

Soft neutrals are the most current color trends today and lights gray is just one of them I want to highlight through this idea. Framed in solid wood, gray would be a perfect match for a Scandinavian home design. Feature this furniture with other midcentury modern pieces for more Scandinavian style.

Darker green in velvet finish – this makes your living room bold and stated instantly. Visually, this sofa is also comfortable and practical. With some greenery, this sofa will be a gorgeous piece of furniture in your boho-style living room.

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