10 Hottest Modern Sleek Master Bathroom Designs

zen feel modern master bathroom design with rectangular shaped wood bathtub hard texture concrete walls frameless glass windows Pinterest

Fully bright and minimalist bathroom becomes one of most favorite specifications of modern master bathrooms. Actually, there are so many options of such beautiful bathroom designs but today I just want to share some that are the best ones. Hopefully, you will inspire after visiting my blog.

I really love the concrete-effect on the walls; it’s subtle in texture. It also takes a perfect role as the exotic wall background that showcasing shabby look. Vintage tiles installed on the floors become the second item I want to comment. Of course, they give character and special tone to this bathroom. They really break the boring look.

I’m concerning on the concrete use for both the walls and floors. I see a lot of stone accents on them, obviously giving more texture in look. The wooden stool here also plays its role as the secondary interior piece that delivers natural vibe to this modern-minimalist bathroom.

minimalist master bathroom with brass stand faucet modern white tub beton walls dramatic gray drapery


The draperies look so dramatic; they’re beautiful and become the direct statement to this master bathroom. The tone is also matched with other bathroom’s fixture.

Black, as the boldest color scheme in this minimalist bathroom, acts like the accent color; it’s not overlooked and works well with the existing colors like wood color and white.

I love the wood cladding; it really adds the obvious texture and visually brings a natural touch to any rooms, including this master bathroom.

Rustic-industrial is the chosen concept implemented in this gorgeous bathroom. The glass room partition that separates the walk-in shower and bathroom vanity is the main highlight. It’s genius to add this to this space. It’s clearly bold and stunning, also sends a modern touch to this bathroom.

What an inspiring bathroom vanity! It’s cool to build a bathroom vanity in anti-mainstream way. This one is obvious asymmetrical between the base and top, but it’s amazingly practical. And about the color, it’s perfect to choose gray as the primary color hue. Gray is timeless and can give a modern look depending on the vanity’s design.

Cozy and warm feel – these two words are the real expression of mine if I’m asked about this master bathroom. Maybe this nuance appears due to natural wood use in this space.

All-white master bathroom that’s super-bright and airy with extra-large glass window addition. This space is perfect for relaxation. You can get more enjoyment right after soaking your body on this cool white bathtub. The views outside is totally helpful to relax your body and mind.

Actually, this master bathroom is inspired by traditional Japanese soak tub. Made from hardwood, the tub can provide an eco-friendly spot to soak your body. Look at the tub’s tone; it’s visually calming. The concrete walls and floors seem supporting the main concept of bathroom: simplicity. I also really fall in love with the frameless glass windows. It’s perfect to present the refreshing views outside.

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