10 Inspiring Ideas of Spring-Themed Home Designs

gray sofa decorative pillows in dark blue textured area rug gold toned side table light wood floors modern floor lamp with white lampshade Harper Bazaar

Welcoming spring is always be fun and get the different experience of welcoming by re-decorating your home with colors and theme of spring. Both colors and theme could freshen up the space and keep the winter away by using the simple lighting, furnishings, and pop of colors to your home interior. Here, I have collected ten great ideas of spring decor for homes that exactly will produce a seasonal ‘fragrance’ and refresh. Wish that these ideas will give you much dose of spring nuance in your lovely home. Let’s check.

Wallpaper Screen

This wallpaper has freshening patterns: botanical and jewel tones. The pattern combination serves unexpected visualization. Just apply it for home office or powder room where it can feature modern & clean-lined furnishing items. To empower more the Spring fever, just pick the wild and tropical floral nearest this space.

Playful Throw Pillows

Replace the old pillows with the new ones. Choose the colorful pillows to give more attraction. The attractive color palettes exactly can stand out the space.

No Formality, just Get the Relaxed  & Homey Space

Spring means relaxed time, so give all formality up in your rooms. It’s a perfect moment for losing up all formal things (including the setting, furniture, and atmosphere) and switches them out with relaxing nuance. Select the interior items, like furniture and accessories that possibly be a ‘bridge’ of daily living.

Light Space with Matte Shade

Loads of light textiles can bring huge impact in creating spring feel. Implement them for your most private space like the bedroom. This idea, of course, effectively works achieving a peaceful feel.

Swap Textile

For bedroom or living room, a swap textile can transform the space into a spring theme instantly. Put off the cashmere blanket, Italian mohair, or even shag rug from your room, and replace them with lighter textiles for pillowcases and rug.

Freshening Front Porch

It would feel good if we have such adorable front porch. The nuance of spring is obviously felt just from the color choice of exterior and furnishings. Lighter and bolder are fairly found here. The use of pop colors like blue is dominating here, giving a vibrant look in this home exterior.

No Winter Things

Just put away winter things. If you don’t have a proper storage, just install some hooks, trays, or racks for your footwear. Then, cover up all walls with fun-colored wallpaper for the accent. I believe that the wallpaper helps much in boosting the spring fever.

Clean Look Interior

Clean look dominated by white and wood color is the real manifestation of spring concept, and this idea is well-applied in this dining room.

Clear Off the Bedroom Clutter

contemporary bedroom idea white bedding treatment colorful pillow tiny side table with round wood top and blue hairpin legs


A small serene bedside table gives more space-rest, creating larger visual effect. Remove all things inside the nightstand and everything clustered on beside it. Replace the piles of books & magazines and even water glasses with a vivid flower on clear glass vase. With this great idea, you must be lazily staying at your room all days.

Outdoor Living Room in Patio

Change your patio instantly into a family-friendly and warm living room. Freshen it with living greenery or vines for more natural accents. The space must be good spot with sufficient warmth of sunlight and freshness of oxygen produced by the greenery or vines. About the furniture, I like the wood element instead of fabricated one to fill this space.

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