10 Minimalist Bedroom Designs That Adorably Make Yours Uncluttered & Simple

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Dislike the cluttered and messy bedroom? We’ve collected some ideas of minimalist bedroom to inspire you. The ideas come in a wide range of styles, starting from industrial to chic ones including a range choice of simple color hues to help you when starting the bedroom remodel project.

If you wanna emphasize the ‘less is more’ look and simplicity is your most favorite style, this minimalist bedroom design will be best choice for you. The idea really introduces you the simplest way to make you comfy without leading you to understand what the ornate furniture is, what the most current pattern trend is, etc.

Add a little bit of ornate things like these delightful pendants and hidden lamps. Each can create a unique visual effect that amazingly brings a sparkling art to this bedroom. Even, the produced light effect created by the hidden lamps can be the statement of walls.

Another genius idea to optimize the visual effect of contemporary motifs on walls. At glance, the motifs are so simple, only consisting the white line accents that connect each other, but the overall look is so amazing. They create a creative artwork on walls. The chosen colors, white and black, are the best for this.

The idea clearly exposes a bedroom design that combines a modern and unique accent wall. The accent wall is made of geometric wooden inserted with the hidden LED, so they look like the cracking wall with dramatic light on each crack. Creative!

Add something ornate and make it as the accent or the statement of the bedroom. This black-white wall decor, for instance, in just instant can give an aesthetic value in this bedroom, at least making the all-white walls is colored.

Wanna create zen-feel in your bedroom? It’s easy; just set minimalist wood furniture and some fresh & vivid houseplant in your bedroom and now you’re now enjoying your dreamy sleeping space. Just make it simple by uncluttering things you don’t wanna use in your room.

Lovely! The designer really uses the earthy tone for a warm, cozy, and homey bedroom. Placed in all-white interior, all furniture is designed in simple and minimalist, and the used color schemes like rust on the pillows also performs the same mission: a warm maker. The existence of living thing is well represented by this lil-houseplant. Perfectly complex.

Look modern and warm. This is well presented only through the earthy tone that is simply created by several color combination. But still the hugest warm maker is the color of milo on duvet cover.

The warm maker isn’t always from the color scheme, but also the brushed metals like the brass. In this idea, a brass desk lamp visually adds elegance and value to elevate the space. This is a proof that brass-finish brings more values that can make a space worth to adore.

green duvet cover and pillows white bed linen white pillows midcentury modern wood bed frame with headboard tree trunk bedside table chic vintage area rug in white with geometric patterns


Green always adds a fresh look to any spaces and this bedroom is just one of them where you can see a perfect balance of color use to create a warm, cozy, and minimalist look.

It’s so dramatic yet beautiful, the fallen draperies featuring woven runner. Both add special texture to this warm and minimalist bedroom. Feel so homey, right?

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