10 Stunning Bathroom Designs for Small Space

modern minimalist bathroom design black tiled walls light black tiled floors modern white bathtub wooden stool small greenery on white pot Pinterest

Have a small bathroom and wanna make it cozy and stylish? With a great design, a small bathroom can be amazingly cozier and more stylish. There are some tips and tricks how to re-design a bathroom and transform it into a dreamy one, and the followings are the ideas of how to re-design a small bathroom. Join us right now and be ready to get inspire.

This is more than a small bathroom. You can have such a luxurious spa-like bathroom only by adding a minimalist-modern bathtub, milky wood stool, and an ornate black linen. Essentially, more minimal a bathroom look, more luxurious it is.

light wood leaning ladder rack for towels


One of the ways of how to re-design your small bathroom is considering a space-efficient storage solution, and a leaning ladder rack is one of the best option that can effectively save the space. Its warm and natural tone looks comforting. It’s also simple and classy.

Black and white may be the best color hue that can make your small bathroom timeless and modern. Their contrasting color visually adds a special texture to the bathroom. It would be fresh and inviting when you add something natural and organic like the greenery and wooden stool.

gray washed wood plank walls gray tiled floors modern stool with round black leather top and angled wood legs wooden bathtub bathroom mat in black and white


Woody and clean line – this is so unique because the designer uses the organic wood as the basic material. Finished in gray-washed, both walls and floors make the space modern and clean look, but the wooden bathtub here offers a natural warm look to this bathroom. I really like the stool; it adds a modern touch.

small bathroom design modern white bathtub wooden wallpaper oversized pendant lamp


Small yet quite stylish. The space looks gorgeous with the oversized pendant addition. It’s visually interesting and automatically can add a room statement.

Wood tiled walls are the room statement here; the space looks more classic with a clawfoot bathtub addition. A recessed shelf is also a great idea to save the space, particularly the storage space.

Be unique with the bathroom design you choose. If you prefer a traditional bathroom, just try this idea, a small bathroom with several traditional bathroom properties like a Japanese soak tub complete with the removable wooden stair-step. I find a unique thing here; basically the space is inspired by mountain aesthetic where I obviously see a rustic texture which is identical with natural stones and heavy timbers in the whole interior facade.

White is the most favorite color hues for any small rooms, including the bathroom. The color can amazingly create a larger-space visual effect. Wood element here works well with white since both colors naturally bring warm and clean look. A glass window here effectively makes the space well-lighted and airy feel.

small yet modern bathroom idea white subway tiled walls white toilet mosaic tiled floors in black clear glass door panel walk in shower


Clear glass panel is often used as a perfect option for creating the visual effect of larger space in any small bathroom. In addition, this kind of panel can enhance a modern touch to the bathroom.

Practical, modern, and space-efficient – the bathroom simply accommodates everything you need. Take a look at the shelving unit; it’s practical and provides more space for bath essentials and linens without taking much space, so the other space can be used for other functional properties.

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