10 Tips To Implement Fresh & New Bohemian To Your Home

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New Bohemian is creative, unique, and different in style. This style firstly appears in 19th century in France. Bohemian itself means out of the comfort and conventional zone, and actually the movement of Bohemian ends at early 20th century.

New Bohemian society can be obviously marked from the way they value their life. They wear anti-mainstream clothes, have their own taste of music, movie, and literature, and even the style is now spreading to architecture and home decor ideas. If you are the New Bohemian lovers, it’s time to sit and pay attention what ideas representing the style in current home decorating ideas.

Remember, there is no rule in New Bohemian style, so you’re freely expressing everything in your mind. Don’t think about the harmonious colors and patterns too much. Let all ideas pour on through your home design.

Make your wall as the canvas where you can freely express your talent of art into it. Use watercolors and splash them on your canvas; now you have an artsy painting made by your own hands.

New Bohemian now is crossing all line including when designing the outdoor areas. You just need some items such as metal candle holders, ornaments along the fabrics, and pristine China to add an outdoor New Boho style. This is undeniable unique.

Full of rasa. Rasa here means heavy taste, visual, and essence. It’s originally from Indian art commonly existing on music and visual with much of emotion.

Layers of colors and patterns that obviously create a distinctive texture. The style love textiles visually won’t fade. Check out this New Bohemian decor clearly elaborating layered-pattern area rug, worn out leather armchair, boldly rustic armoire, and a bit of vivid and fresh greenery.

This is the idea of most current Bohemian. The space is filled with expensive fabrics such as woven area rug, embroideries, and some greenery.

If you love flowers or plants for your home, why don’t you make them as the artwork. Fabrics with botanical motifs are the real examples. You can use these for a statement of room. Of course this idea sounds so brilliant to create New Bohemian in your home.

Create a focal point. Don’t you worry about New Bohemian look that’s generally chaos, crowded, and cluttered just because of lots of layered colors, patterns, and fabrics. Look at this interior idea. You just see that a couple of pendant lanterns act like the focal points of room; they’re really recognizable only by size and dimming light effect. The fixtures, of course, become the most stunning pieces in this living room.

Something worn out and faded can also be a beautiful focal point of New Bohemian interiors. This area rug, for instance, obviously old, faded, and worn out, but it’s so artistic.

Do you know, fringe can actually add a beautiful touch to any New Bohemian interiors. The planters or plant holders, the examples, can be more decorative with knotting fringes as beautiful as the macrame commonly placed as the wall decor.

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