10 Tricks To Elevate The Unused Attics

Scandinavian style attic bedroom series of skylight exposed wood beams glass window light wood floors white beanbag with animal stuff Pinterest

The attic is one of the most appealing parts of the home where is commonly used for a large playground or even a secret room. Attic actually has charm and warmth, so it’s potentially used for other functional rooms such as bedrooms, home offices, dressing rooms, walk-in closets, and even seating areas. That’s why today I want to share more inspiring ideas of how to maximize the attic; at least the following list will give you a good starting point in conducting a project of attic decorating.

What a cool attic! It’s transformed into a cool and comfy bedroom. It’s getting more interesting just with the exposed wood beams that are set in good symmetry. Based on location, the bedroom absolutely feels so romantic and private, so it suits for a new couple. It’s also quite inviting.

A couple of superbly huge skylights grab my attention. Of course they allow the sunlight to access the inner space freely, making the space brighter. It feels more comfortable with the finest linens and shelving unit for books and ornaments built rightly at the center of space.

Feel the morning breeze if you have such a cozy attic bedroom. The space is completed with a single glass window decorated with a dramatic white curtain, so when the window is opened, the curtains will be a dramatic feature due to the gentle breeze. The exposed wood beams here are also warmer in white finish, creating a clean effect as same as the linens.

Bathroom in the attic? Feel different nuance with this Japanese soaking tub. Designed in modern rustic, the space always gives warm feel and comfort, so this is an ideal spot for relaxing after daily work.

For a classic look, take this attic barn-style bathroom for the inspiration. Like other common barns, the interior is built from the old-look wood with a small window. To add a vintage touch, complete the space with a worn out bathtub and stools.

Clean and bright. This idea is recommended for you who love minimalist modern interior design. All-white is the chosen color, while black brushed metal here is the accent color easily found in walk-in closet’s stands.

For a large attic, it’s easier to redecorate. We can freely use it for an open-space connecting the bedroom and seating area like this one. Finished in all-white, the space looks minimalist and clean, clearly exposing a Scandinavian style. The revealed wood beams and woven rug here add warm feel, while the chair slipcover becomes a functional and stated furniture in this room.

Cool kids room in the attic. The space is designed in Scandinavian with a rustic touch (you can see in the exposed wood beams use). I love the skylight series that effectively let the natural light access freely through those glass panels. There is also a small window for air ventilator, so the space will always be fresh due to the gentle morning breeze.

Improve the unused attic by transforming it into a lovely bedroom. Start with the wall treatment and I recommend such a beautiful flower wallpaper. Complete the bed with comfy and smooth bedding treatment. If you like the pop of colors, it’s okay to pick your most favorite pop of color for your bed treatment. The layout is also important. Skylights over the bed seem the perfect spot such a brilliant attic bedroom.

Feel loose and furniture-less workspace like this attic workspace. The space merely consists of full-length working desk and chair. The skylight here takes the important role as the light ventilator that effectively makes the room bright and airy.

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