11 Craziest Facade Inspirations You Don’t Ever Miss for Your Home Projects

rusting steel door and walls idea for brutalism home idea Pinterest

Facades play significant role in architecture and home design. To support everything inside it, a facade must be solid, firm, strong, and durable. It’s commonly supported with solid materials such as cement or concrete, brick, glass, stone or rock, and even hard wood. Facades should support function, but those with aesthetic value are better. In this modern era, artsy facades are commonly found and they are applied not only for living space, but also for commercial buildings like workspaces and cafes. Today I’m trying to share ten best ideas of artsy and unique facades for you. Hopefully the ideas will inspire you.

This is a great facade. Redesigned by GRT Architects, both the main entrance and facade are so amazing. The designer covers up the facade with a double-height clads built from bronze-coated aluminum and calcatta marble. On ceilings, there are the series of recessed lamps that visually deliver minimalist, simple, and modern look, really matching with the lobby.

The walls’ surface, marbles,  get the special treatment. It intentionally tends to be more textural (rough stones) by applying many of stone-cuts as similar as the wood-cuts. This idea is clearly a genius idea to make the marbles look like the raw stones.

It’s like several stories framed into a big building, and the architect uses white and earthy tan color hues for a beautiful contrast. Maybe each building’s story is designed for particular room and of course it’s effective to get more privacy and more manageable.

Actually, there’s nothing special in this space but I’m really excited to comment the cement brick application in this small sitting area. The architect is genius to optimize this common materials and the result is great. How the architect installs each cement brick is smart. This room partition is functional and obviously low budget.

Combination of glass and textured concrete finishing is able to create an ultra-modern exterior facade. The frameless windows here are designed to give a stunning as well as functional piece to access the views outside.

Adopting a concept of vertical garden, this exterior facade offers much more interesting art through architectural design. The idea introduces a balance of modernity and natural vibe that has been perfectly presented by material choice and greenery application at the same time. The vines are chosen as they can grow up perfectly, potentially creating a refreshing vertical garden in all non-glass surfaces.

Modern-industrial is now on trend and now it is adopted by many commercial buildings including the coffee shops. Both interior and exterior use raw and rough concrete finish for walls. They are also supported with heavy metals, hard wood, and solid glass as the complementary materials. I really love the floor style. A little portion of white ceramic tiles here adds the statement to the floors.

The craziest exterior facade. It visualizes the uniqueness that exposes asymmetrical windows’ shades. The main material is simply concrete finish set in earthy color scheme.

Hexagons are still modern people’s favorite and many architects and home designers use them for interiors and exteriors. This exterior wall is the example; it displays black in different color intense, creating a beautiful black gradation. Glass windows are found in the middle of facade as the bay windows.

I just found something unique here. This amazing house is completed with polycarbonate ceilings. Polycarbonate is a kind of plastic with super-transparent surface and high thermal-resistance. This is a good choice for such a transparent ‘skylight’.

rusting steel door and walls idea for brutalism home idea


If you love brutalism and wanna add a little bit of brutalism to your home, this rustic steel idea sounds great to try out. Visually, it’s heavy and perfectly rusted, but the color is naturally impressive and leads to masculine vibe.

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