Applying 19t Century Style To Your Apartment

Reviving the 19th century character in an apartment is another brilliant idea for the interior design. With a little time of thought, you can make it true. One apartment in Barcelona, Spain has successfully restructured the 19th century style apartement. If you are interested to know the detail, give a quick read to this article and find out some important information that can inspire you to have your own.

The most essential characteristic of 19th century style is the open space design that allows you to freely move from here and there. Therefore, there will be not much detail about the decorative element because all you need is a clean line that accentuates the use of natural resources. Therefore, it will be very common to find wooden beams as the main material. Moreover, to give strong character of your 19th century apartment style, wall made of hard stone will make a wonderful experience. With the earthy tone, you can show the pure and elegant characteristic of the 19th century style. For the bedroom, it is essential to provide an open and airy vibe to the room by installing large windows that can invite adequate light in the daylight.

To save more space, you can separate the bathroom and the kitchen with mirrored backsplash so that it can give larger illumination. You can also combine the kitchen with living room at the same time by featuring small wooden panel that can be functioned as a room divider.


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