Interior Design 101: 5 Interior Design Styles You Should Know

Alright, probably a lot of you are wondering why every house has its own distinctive character as you enter through the front door. Sometimes, you probably notice a house with sleek, clean, and firm shape or maybe a house decorated with vintage or traditional interior products. In this moment, I’ll reveal some of the hottest interior design styles that you should know!

1. Modern
Interior designers describe modern style, in general, close to minimalist style. As its name, a house that has modern style commonly uses neutral or natural colors that have much possibilities to blend with other colors. The selection of furniture tends to be asymmetrical also interior that has clean-lined design. To apply the style, the devoid of unnecessary and excessive decorations is a must too. The design is suitable in cramped space as it creates more illusion.

2. Contemporary
Some people often get mixed up between modern and contemporary style, the true fact is they are different in features. Contemporary style refers to the use of trendy design at the moment that allows any change from time to time. Unique furniture with geometric shape is crucial element in forming this style. The style also accentuates bright and pop color for more visual twist.

3. Traditional
Traditional design style is also one of the top interior styles among the designers. The style has such attention to details, that’s why paying attention to details is essential. In traditional style, floral patterns are often used either for wallpaper or the upholstery and it goes together with curvy edged furniture.

4. Industrial
Three basic elements that shape industrial styles are rough wood, metal, and brick. So, if you want to have industrial style in your house, these three features need to be integrated. The unfunctional pieces are often present in industrial style only to create more industrial vibe. Another characteristic is the open layout to create an open area acroos the house.

5. Classic
This design style is also placed in the top design styles as its majestic characters. The wood component is carved in ornate design. Unlike modern style, symmetrical and balanced furniture placement is featured in this classic style. For the fabrics, elegant pattern is preferrable. Apart form that, the furniture is sculptural that almost like museum.

Among the interior design styles I’ve explained above, no standard rules set to create your dream styles. Be creative to mix and match any design style as you wish!

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