Admirable Barrel Chair Slipcovers with Various Details of Color & Pattern

contemporary dining room black dining chair slipcovers black finishing dining table whitewashed brick wall with creative painting contemporary pendants Hillstar LA

Covers on chairs, couches, and sofas add stylish look, but they also protect from stain and dirt. With various options of colors and patterns, chair slipcovers offer more than value of aesthetic; they reflect the owner’s personal taste related to home furnishing ideas.

Well, talking about the chair slipcovers, there are huge product options you may be interested in, and one of most popular brands is Barrel. Barrel chair slipcovers have been popular for years and today they’re claimed as one of best & most recommended products in the world. You can find few numbers in the following selected items. They are available in so many options of fabrics, patterns, and colors. They’re easy to apply & keep staying in place while implementing on the chairs.

Kick pleats and banded slipcovers obviously give additional features on chairs. White still be the favorite for slipcover since it offers elegance in simply way.

Slipcovers can transform the tired set of chairs into more updated ones. With simply white slipcover addition, be ready for the change. These dining chair slipcovers, for instance, become the most striking ones, giving a beautiful contrast to light wood floors and dining table.

Chairs with shorter casings. They’re beautiful and unique; this a playful way to re-fresh and to change up the furniture look without doing much transformation to the existed furniture set. To expose the accent details on the bottoms of slipcovers is also believed as the most practical way to display the next aesthetic spot after the buttons on chairs’ back.

This is another short-skirt & white chair slipcover idea. The design refers to the grand concept, shabby chic. And white becomes the primary scheme for creating a shade of shabby chic. It’s more powerful after featuring whitewashed ceilings. Here, the designer adds an industrial chandelier and a contemporary table for more modern appeal, and some blossoming flowers contribute in creating a romantic feel that drives us to get peaceful feeling.

Chair slipcovers with multi-pattern & colors – They’re the perfect pairs for such mediterranean interior, especially when collaborating with terracotta-tiled floors and clay-burnt walls. They produce warmth in look.

Always be so elegant in black. Place these black chair slipcovers in dominant bright interior. Feature them with another black piece like this clean lines wood dining table. Whitewashed bricks wall with creative wall painting beautifully completes the whole interior, and the pendants with black accent surely not only be a functional item, but it’s also a decorative one.

Use different pattern for an accent. Stripes on a centered chair slipcover have become a direct interest of room when it’s placed among white chair slipcovers.

A lovely breakfast nook with through-see window. It’s so inviting and a nice spot to start every Sunday morning with coffee and loved ones. Here, I have soft coral for walls, creating a contrast against wood table & armoire. All is tied perfectly by keeping the rug and the chair slipcovers light.

beach style dining room traditional style dining chairs side chair slipcovers light wood dining table medium toned wood floors warm lighted pendants light grey painted walls

Brandon Architects

A set of beach style dining chair slipcovers in light gray color. The chairs’ covers on each centered chair simply look great, exposing the similar tone with the walls. Three sets of pendant offer warm-lighted effect that importantly brings huge impact for the whole interior.

tropical dining room white dining chair slipcovers with pleat detail reclaimed wood floors black wrought iron chandelier dark wood dining table

Sutton Suzuki Architects

Give your dining chairs special character with skirt or slipcover. The pleats on skirt’s base give the accent and let the legs displayed.

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