Adorable Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Visually Add Style & Character

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Sometimes we can’t decide what color and pattern of backsplash we love more for kitchen or bathroom. The wide ranges of colors and patterns such as earthy, dark, neutral, soft, herringbone, diamond-cut, Moroccan, geometric, granite, marble, and many more; but today I will give my assistance to choose the best one that visually and functionally fits your kitchen or bathroom design. Hopefully, this will inspire you to select the right and the perfect one; also can elevate your kitchen or bathroom after renovation. Join us to see the ideas and be ready to get inspired.

Too boring with the tiles that are to date too quickly? Don’t need the boring ones? The solution is to find the trendy tiles with a little bit of distinctive colors or patterns. This exactly will complements other existing things and so tasteful.

But if you are looking for patterned tiles for backsplash, there are so many options of tiles with tons of pattern selections such as traditional, geometric, modern, and even floral patterns. The options, of course, will add a textural color and look, visually improving the kitchen and add a personal style.

Concrete backsplash gives a matte look and it can instantly transform the kitchen space into an industrial style. Concrete is cold look, so warm it up with the wooden element and copper.

Cement tiled backsplash with colorful patterns. Take a look at the patterns: they’re geometric, adding a stated look to this kitchen. Dark-toned wood shelves work perfectly with the tiles, creating a beautiful contrast to the space.

Infusing vintage touch to the tiles, this tiled backsplash can be a stated contrast to the brick walls and wood beams; and soft olive green here adds a fresh and natural tone to this kitchen.

Another best tone for small kitchen is soft blush. Feature this with white grout for a contrast look, and see the natural texture. Both tone and texture will make the space spacious and stylish. Also, the tone will make the kitchen bigger visually.

Wanna add a modern and rustic to the same setting of place? Maybe this backsplash idea will cover it. Terra cotta tiles bring a distinctive texture and earthy brown color, always connecting to rustic. With blush pendant and clean line wood cabinets, the backsplash gets modern appeal.

Beautiful & stunning with bold color. Bold green is just one of color hues that can add the boldness in visualization. To create the obvious patterns, use white grout and see the real graphic of tiles. Both color and pattern absolutely punch up your kitchen and make the kitchen fresher with the green.

copper backsplash whitewashed countertop deep farmhouse sink in monochrome copper faucet


No tiles but only copper. Copper backsplash is definitely more durable and sturdy. The gloss look and smooth surface give more benefits to you, at least it brings elegance to the kitchen.

Of course you can get a fancy kitchen look simply with this clay tiled backsplash. The tiles are finished in glazed surface and colored in aqua blue, creating a gloss watery-like surface. This idea you can pick for making a direct statement in your kitchen.

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