Adorable Modern Kitchen Inspirations to Elevate Your Home Value

small modern kitchen with crisp white cabinets light wood countertop and floors white backsplash with geometric patterns Pinterest

Modern kitchen is the heart of home and it needs to be fun and functional when cooking. Sometimes, this place is designed as a double purpose space for busy cooking and entertaining the guests or even just having fun discussion or conversation with lovely family. Essentially, modern kitchen is all about the idea of how to transform the old-day kitchen concept into today’s.

Inspired by Pinterest, here are ten inspirations of modern kitchen designs I wanna share to you. They vary in many styles and of course these designs will bring you more references when having a plan or project of remodeling your kitchen. Can’t wait to see all designs in more details? Let’s check them out.

Visually hard and cold but I like this modern kitchen design because of its cold look. Built from bare concrete, the kitchen island is still exposing elegance, also visually matches with the existed concrete-finish walls and floors. When concrete is combined with wood element, the balance is just created. It’s a good balance of cold and warm represented by different basic materials of interior.

I really love this kitchen. It’s kind of a super-neat design with minimal look as the grand value. Glossy black countertop instantly brings elegance and luxury to each counter, while the light wood element offers warm and clean look in this cooking space.

There are two things I love the most, pop of yellow kitchen counter and rough-surface walls over the white subway tile backsplash. Both are contradictive but they are, at the same time, bringing a clean and bright visualization. Yellow always stands out wherever it stands.

Wow! This is quite bold! The kitchen is so stunning in yellow and blue. These playful colors of course take important role in giving aesthetic visual in this cooking area. The yellow pendant really steals my heart. It’s so stated.

I personally love matte black and it’s well-applied in this modern kitchen. With the assistance of concealed lighting under the kitchen counter and upper kitchen cabinets, the space is dimmer yet shiny.

White seems to be a good color choice if you’re not sure about the bold color shades to fill your kitchen space. White is clean, simple, calm, yet crispy in look, and light wood color here is a good balancer for this space, instantly giving a little bit of natural touch to this small modern kitchen.

Absolutely neat and super-minimalist. All kitchen essentials like cabinets are designed in perfect flat-surface (no hardware found). Matte black is the best finish as it adds elegance and masculine look. By contrast, the wood material offers natural and warm feel in this space. Move to the tiled backsplash, it’s a perfect separator between the dark and light tones of kitchen. Genius!

Actually the floor idea is inspired by the view outside beautifully exposing the foggy lake and spring grass. The views’ tones then inspire the floor installing technique where you’ve found some soft color palettes applied. You also see half-way wood and hexagon tiles are installed in the same base for creating a beautiful contrast.

Need to add harder texture to your modern kitchen? Brick wall installation sounds interesting to try out. Like in this picture, the upper area, particularly the wall, obviously displays bare brick finishing with its genuine texture and tone. This visual is surely contradictive with the existed interior facade and kitchen essentials.

A modern-industrial kitchen idea with multicolor tile highlight. The designer uses the old and worn out wooden material by purpose, creating a shabby look in this space; and I do agree to add multicolor tiles for more textural and richer tone. Just try this idea out to avoid the boring cooking space.

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