Allen and Roth Lighting: Modern Lamp to Shine Vintage Appeal

Once come to lighting idea, there must be lot of choices. From pendant, chandelier, light track, candle chandelier or even lantern. All stuff has its own unique character and function, so you can choose the one meeting your taste and need. However, to feed your vintage desire, allen and roth lighting must be the best one to pick!

A set of cool modern transparent allen and roth lighting may become your first reference. Firm stainless steel track stacked on the light blue ceiling gives awesome effect while the lamps themselves are stunning. Not only transparent glass, but the stainless frame of the shade belongs to unique feature.

Adorable blossom chandelier from allen and roth is also a nice fixture to choose. It comes in similar shape like molecules in the chemistry. Installed into dining space, it does add vintage and unique look to the whole design.

Further, various long pendants would be a cool choice. Black track stacked on the ceiling shares traditional feeling along the golden light of the pendants. Covered with transparent shade, this pendant is unbeatable design for this recent time.

In addition, a globe allen roth lighting comes in ball shape completed with black frame for design and outlook. Inside the glass shade, there is chandelier that shines the interior luxuriously.

Another pendant appears in white tone that is also added with transparent shade. It takes the coolest spot at home, above the kitchen bar island. So, hang out is no longer boring since allen and roth lighting accompanies stylishly!


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