Convert Your Gloomy Attic into an Alluring Bedroom

Do you have an abandoned attic in your house? Or does your attic only become a dusty storage? If so, you had better renovate the gloomy attic into a lovely bedroom. Even though the attic has an odd shape with its sloppy and low ceiling, it can be a unique point for the bedroom, indeed. The attic bedroom gives you many advantages, including comfortableness and privacy, since you have the entire floor for yourself. Moreover, the unusual angles provide you with an exciting feeling since you can escape from regular square-shaped room.

Most of you think that attic bedroom feel cramped or small, but actually, it feels roomy and airy. How come? Well, you just need to paint your wall with white color and take full advantage of the skylight. It does create a spacious and bright room, although the ceiling is so narrow. In addition, if you want to add some storage for keeping your clothes and other items, you should create built-in hidden storage instead of just adding a wardrobe. The hidden storage will maximize the free space, so you can put other furniture.

Besides painting the wall in white, you can give the wall with other colors, such as green and blue as long as it is a bright color. You may also hang wallpaper with various patterns if you want your bedroom more colorful. However, it is best to only give one accent wall with various colors or even wood paneling if you are not willing to make the bedroom looks crowded.


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