Complete Your Safari-Themed Home Decor with Animal Print Bench

Animal print stuffs are so interesting, indeed. Some people even love so deep with them. Animal print stuffs areas so cute and look so fashionable. They ever be a trend in fashion. Take a look at bags, footwear, clothing, and accessories are so popular today. Home furniture seems in the same line. More people now are attracted to animal print furniture to garnish their interior or exterior homes. One of these animal print furniture sets that become favorite is animal print bench.

Animal print bench or other furniture is added to give an accent to the room. In a living room, for instance, there are several furniture alternatives you can add to create something interesting and different just by adding an animal print bench. This bench is also perfect for bedroom, especially a safari-themed bedroom decor.

For you who love animal print bench, here are some choices of animal print you may attract to. First choice is zebra print bench. The bench has zebra’s black and white motif on top and some of them are completed with the armrest feature. Cowhide print bench becomes the second choice. Like a zebra print bench, a cowhide print bench also uses cow’s motif as the cover on bench top.

Leopard print bench is the fourth choice you can choose from. This bench looks so glamour and luxurious. It fits any room styles. Another animal print which is so popular to be applied for bench and other furniture is giraffe print idea. Giraffe-printed bench is very gorgeous to add. The motif is uniquely random. Black and white colors look so contrast each other. Such mixed color schemes are perfectly applied for monochromatic home decor idea.


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