Go Vintage with Antique Cabinet for Chic Kitchen

Going back to the past is not always bad. Sometimes it shares you some memories that are worth to forget. In this case, bringing vintage nuance into your kitchen is the best way to steal the style of decades ago. So, go vintage with antique cabinet for chic kitchen!

Dull white kitchen cabinet presents the real vintage outlook along with its original shape. The simplicity gives special appeal for an antique cabinet design. Flashing glass accent on the upper cabinet displays everything stylishly with glowing golden lighting inside. Open storage design is meant to ease everybody while the modern cook top lets you enjoying your cooking time fashionably.

I think the green kitchen island is quite interesting to break the plain white tone of the room. Black glossy countertop is another awe found in an old fashioned kitchen design. Another vintage look is wrapped in total white color. I love the long stripe wooden deck wall in the kitchen to give the original vintage feeling. Casual wall racks show how the kitchen is truly designed for simple and practical needs.

Almost yellow tone cabinet design is also wondrous to fill a large vintage kitchen design. The large cabinet must be a plush for a kitchen taking old style as the major theme. However, it keeps installing modern kitchen set like stove and microwave to meet contemporary lifestyle. In addition, wall cabinet could be the next inspiring design to make a kitchen becomes different and more comfortable to enjoy. Bringing old green cabinet into a kitchen means inserting original fossil for historical ambiance. Awesome!

Reference: www.countryliving.com

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