Antique Looking Mirrors: Add a Little Classic Touch to Your Room

Old Mirror Standing Against Wall

People have different personal taste about the interior decor style and idea applied for their home. Some of them love modern and even minimalist home design and others probably like vintage, shabby-chic, rustic, country, tropical, classic, traditional, and many other home designs. Classic as one of home design references offers antique look in detail way. Classic is more than the physical look, but also the feeling or nuance felt by our heart. It is so obvious to find classic theme from concrete pieces around us. The furniture, building structure, and interior plus exterior decors become three main elements can be physically identified.

If you want to have just little nuance of classic view in your home, especially in your home interior, just add one or two pieces of interior item reflecting a striking classic appearance. Antique looking mirrors, for instance. You can put these mirrors in your living room or any rooms where they are exposed and viewed by your guests. A decorative mirror over fireplace mantel is one of most eye-catching spots usually chosen by most classic home decor lovers. Yet, if you want to attach your antique mirror in other spots, space over sofa and console table are two most recommended ones.

Mounting antique looking mirrors in your private rooms, such as bedroom, bathroom, and family rooms is also a great idea to create beautifully classic interior home decor. Moreover, the mirrors are supported with antique-look frame and frame shape. Copper frame, wrought iron frame in black, brushed nickel frame, and crafted metal frame are several selections of mirror frames which will strengthen the classic nuance.

There are many variants of antique looking mirrors. The variants include hexagon, oval, round/ circular, and rectangular. Each can be beautified with unique-shaped frame, such as sunburst, flower, or just common frame. Well, to give you clearer description about these antique looking mirrors, take a look at our gallery. You’ll find several items of antique looking more in classic style.


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