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wood plank walls with concealed storage solutions fireplace low profile leather armchair textured but smooth area rug Apartment 34

Modern Sofa In White Unique Floor Lamp Huge Potted Houseplant At The Corner Blue Frames And Trims On Windows
Wood Dining Chairs Large Wood Dining Table Herringbone Patterned Concrete Flooring Idea
Marble Benchtop Wood Cabinets Potted Greenery Concrete Walls
Semi Formal Dining Room Blue Velvet Dining Chairs Hardwood Dining Table Blue Draperies Wood Floors
Wood Plank Walls Recessed Shelf With Marble Wall For Mini Garden Display Marble Countertop Brass Faucet
White Bathtub Wood Plank Flooring Wood Plank Walls And Hidden Storage Solution Recessed Bathroom Vanity With Under Cabinet And Marble Backplash
Exposed Wood Beams White Bedding Treatment Vintage Rug Worn Out Wood Dressing Potted Houseplant Wood Corner Chair Floor Lamp
Wood Plank Walls With Concealed Storage Solutions Fireplace Low Profile Leather Armchair Textured But Smooth Area Rug
Unique Wicker Chair With Throw Blanket
Tufted Cushion Lounge Chair With Wood Frame Recessed Shelf For Timbers Chic Vintage Area Rug In White Wood Plank Walls

I just found an interesting living space designed as similar as a cabin with mountain retreats. The most interesting thing is that this apartment is like a modern cabin built in the center of the big city. The design is beautiful, detailed, and full of natural wood material. It feels like we’re in Fall when being at this apartment. Feel so curious about this apartment and want to know more about this cool apartment? Let’s check this out.

This apartment is completed with a comfy lounge chair and a recessed shelf for timbers. The wall is paneled with wood planks and garnished with manual-draw artwork. Simple yet so inviting.

Marble benchtop here definitely adds luxury and elegance. It also gives a different tone to this room.

Different from previous seating nook, this one is more formal, particularly based on the seat choice. Low-profile leather armchair fits the room, providing a comfy and stylish spot to sit in. It’s cozier after featuring a fireplace. An abstract watercolor painting hanging on the wall visually adds a direct focal point.

Still dominated by natural wood, the kitchen area feels so warm with wood walls and cabinets, white marble and brass here enhance much of luxury and elegance.

Set as a semi-formal dining space with blue velvet chairs and hardwood dining table as the essentials of room. The same blue is also chosen for the draperies, creating a harmonious look in this room.

I love the blue frames and trims on windows; they make this living room vividly fresh. A unique floor lamp and sofa absolutely add modern glams. The houseplants, in addition, looks too big yet stunned for the corner area.

Look gloomy yet inviting, particularly the corner wicker chair. This furniture offers a unique spot as well as a striking piece. Add a throw blanket as the accent.

The exposed wood beams look so sexy and exotic, giving more natural essential to this bedroom. Another highlight is the old-look dressing that visually worn out but actually adds a vintage touch.

It’s true that it’s risky to use wood plank flooring for the bathroom, but actually it will be okay if we choose the wood plank flooring with the water-proof seal and protection as you see in this bathroom.

Warm, intimate, and comfy. This dining room meets those values. Furnished with natural wood furniture pieces, they definitely bring nature back to this dining area.

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