6 Mistakes of Styling Floor using Area Rug Ideas

Area rug ideas become the vital component for styling and beautifying floors. Rugs are not only used as floor decorative floor, but they also give crucial function to the floors. The layer of rug is commonly used as the floor shelter protecting the floor from the scratch or other threats caused by furniture placement. For the homeowners, rugs give warmth when winter comes. The importance of rug use makes us to be more wisely when selecting and buying them. To minimize or even to avoid these 6 mistakes of styling floor by applying the area rug ideas, just concern on these tips.

First, not to choose the rugs which are too small. Small rug only will create the sense of narrow and small on your room. So, your room will look smaller. On the other hands, a rug has a role of setting the boundaries and grounding the furniture. In a living room, for instance, a rug will help you to define the conservation area. The rug you choose should be large, or at least your furniture’s legs are on rug’s area. In a bedroom, another example, the rug should also be larger than bed furniture and at least your feet can feel the rug when you step out your feet from the bed.

Second, not to try of layering. One of the main reasons why most homeowners often select too-small-rugs is the small rugs mean cheaper price. It will be amazing if you apply layering rugs. Just buy neutral jute rugs then use them as the base of your existing rugs (like the rugs with patterns).

Third, just leave wall-to-wall carpet bare. It would be fun if you’re trying to layer the area rug ideas over carpets. This idea adds different aesthetic value and playfulness. The room will have clear boundaries that give unique and beautiful accent. Fourth, selecting the rug last. Don’t do that. It’s big mistake. The correct is you should choose the rug first, and then choose other interior features such as window curtains, decorative pillows, and others.

Fifth and sixth mistakes are you’re afraid of patterns and skipping the pad of rug. Something contrast on rugs is necessary to give cherish look to your room. There are many choices of fun patterns displayed on rugs, such as floral themes, modern motifs, animal stuff motifs, and others. And it is a must for completing your area rug ideas with their pad. Why? Pads are the particular layers that give comfort underfoot and they dispel sliding and slipping. With rug pad, the flat weave rugs won’t make you fall down due to step on the flat and slip rug.

Reference: www.inkpanel.com

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