Some Tips of Arranging Small Attic Bedroom Ideas

It used to be spooky to spend a lot of time in the attic, and even to enter it once sometimes you don’t have anough courage. Yeah, loft space in the past is not as stylish as it is. In the past, attic is dark, dusty and also occupied by some spiders with lots of web. Of course, nobody wants to take over the space. In contrast, today’s attic design is improved, and it becomes such stylish vibe to nest on. Below are some tips of arranging small attic bedroom that will make you changing your mind!

There is no boundaries to make a lovely attic bedroom idea, and pink theme becomes such stunning design to fill the space with affection. It is a middle size loft idea that covers the skylight with soft pink tone shade. The wall is painted in lovable red and the bedding is pink to magenta color. It showcases cleanliness and of course style!

The next design introduces you to a wonderful attic bedroom design with minimalist tone. It looks bright and wide with white painted wall and ceiling. Really thankful to the large glass skylight that brings unlimited natural light inside the room. the choices of navy blue and brown colors are just perfect to give pattern in the vibe!

In addition, you are even able to have scandinavian loft bedroom. It is a loft bedroom idea with black exposed wooden beams, blue chevron rug, white bedding with green accent and awesome white washed flooring. What do you think guys? I think you are moved!


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