Authentic Furniture Designs Effortlessly Catch Everyone’s Eyes

Baba accent chairs in bold red Pinterest

I really imagine that it must be awesome to have a stylish and cozy home furnished with the series of functional, practical, and comfy furniture pieces. I figure out the handmade furniture sets that’s exposing the authentic design. A lot of products have been provided but it’s now our job to choose the best ones that fit our personal choice and home decorating idea. I’ve collected ten ideas of authentic furniture set that probably can give you a new inspiration for your next project. Really want to know what furniture looks like? Join with me right now.

Millipede Sofa – originally designed by genius Australian designer, this sofa clearly exposes the authentic design. Overall design is inspired by midcentury modern style that’s compact and simple. Multi-legs are the special feature, built from lots of tiny metal sticks that support each other. Leather cushion is covering the whole part of sofa’s body, making the sofa looks so luxurious and expensive. I think that such a beautiful sofa suits all industrial-style homes with modern furniture as the main statement of room.

Need a contemporary crush to your contemporary living room? These furniture pieces probably fit your choice. The furniture is designed in compact shape with tufted lines for the highlights. They’re available in neutral shade options and the shades can work in clean-look and minimalist living room setting.

Such a cool and minimalist sofa can instantly elevate your living room. Berko has stylish and comfortable. Its curved and clean lines design visually invite everyone to sit and to curl up comfortably. Inspired by Scandi-appeal, Berko is gorgeous in tan leather finish.

Need a retro statement to your living room? This armchair seems to be a good option. It’s so stylish with premium leather upholstery, visualizing a sleek and retro look. The old-school look is also delivered from its solid ash wood frame plus the brown leather material used. With such a beautiful design, this armchair could be a truly statement to any interior style, particularly the modern-industrial style home.

So eye-catching, this favorite accent chair is found in Stockholm Furniture Fair. It exposes a futuristic design that’s clean lines and simple. Inspired by most midcentury modern furniture pieces, the chair is supported by wood tapered legs and soft-neutral shade upholstery.

Baba series are the chairs made from organic materials, so they’re sustainable. According to the design, their semi-flat seat invites us to cuddle up and to sink in their fluffy surface. The most unique thing is the legs that are so tiny yet firm to support the chairs’ weight. Available in several vivid color shades.

Add a personal charm to your home office with such a futuristic armchair. Implementing a modern design, the chair has a higher backrest that’s able to support the user’s neck comfortably. The use of organic wood frame is the evidence that the designer keeps involving the natural material into such a modern armchair. I’m really sure that this gorgeous armchair will provide the ultimate comfort to all users.

What a fabulous cabinet. All things such as coloring technique and design option bring the uniqueness. With greenwashed finishing, the cabinet surely can stand out any room. The shape, with curved edges, is kids-friendly and stylish. The legs absolutely are inspired from midcentury modern furniture commonly clean lines and pointed.

Replace your tired nightstand with this one, a vintage nightstand with poppy yellow shade. Yellow is always stunning and can create a bold look to any bedroom. Yellow can also give a sleek look.

Replace your tired nightstand with this one, a vintage nightstand with poppy yellow shade. Yellow is always stunning and can create a bold look to any bedroom. Yellow can also give a sleek look.

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