Awesome Clear Shower Curtain With Design

You can choose if you want to use shower door or shower curtain to cover up your shower space or bath tub. When you use shower door, you may have glass door type for it, then what type of shower curtain that you need to have? Curtain for shower surely is different from any usual curtain that you use for your home windows. One of famous shower curtain that still win any home owner hearts is clear shower curtain.

Clear shower curtain means it is transparent curtain. It will create a shadow of any people who is taking a bath, so you can notice if there is someone takes a bath or not. Clear shower curtain without any pattern design is very common. You still can choose awesome clear shower curtain with design. The design absolutely will not erase the clear side of the curtains itself, it will make your curtains appear more stylish to see.

Some of clear shower curtains are not only pretty with the design, even more they are useful to keep your bathroom stuffs with pockets. You can put some bathroom things that you use often, so you don’t have to buy another cabinet or drawers for those things. It is one of simple and clear idea to use your shower curtain more effective.

When it comes to install clear shower curtains around your bath tub or shower spot, don’t forget about the rods. Curtain without good installation of its rods will not great at all.


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