Balance & Harmony: Inspiring Home Decor by Hannah Nunn

bay window with blurred glass with floral motifs designed by Hannah Nunn and some potted plants 91 Magazine

How to create a naturally balanced and harmony home decor? You’re so lucky because today I would like to invite you to get fun home tour that can make you get more and more inspiration about that issue. Today, Hannah Nunn’s beautiful house is our target. Hannah is a designer, artist, and even an author of Hannah Nunn’s Home.

This small sitting area clearly gets amount of natural light that’s easily accessed from the glass windows. Hannah cleverly uses organic wood as the basic material for the furniture and floor base. Her idea is effectively helpful to gives natural touches. Light wood finish used in most of wooden pieces also supports the airy and bright look in this space. Wood means naturally warm and it is delivered well to this sitting area. To be fresher, Hannah adds some vivid greenery we can find in console table and curtain’s rod.

It’s so simple yet visually interesting. It seems that this space is a hallway simply furnished with a chair used as the planter stand. To keep well-organized, Hannah has attached some cloth & bag hangers on wall. The baseboard is also impressive; it effortlessly adds special texture.

As the music lover, Hannah always makes a statement of music in which in this case we see a piano nestled in one of the living room’s corners. She also never forgets to give natural touches like vivid flowers and greenery that serve as the beauty makers.

Warm nuance is clearly felt in this space and I think the color schemes in this space play significant role for this. Warm-neutral schemes fully fill the space including on walls, floors, and even the furniture; but the homeowner intentionally makes color difference on two wooden chairs for the statement. A string of colorful pompoms hanging on the door’s top obviously gets the look.

I find botanically-inspired pieces in this bedroom and yes green is enough to represent all things related to botanic theme. It’s a big contrast when vivid colors like naturally greens and blues are collaborated with crisp white like in this idea. It senses clean look, airy, warm, yet cozy to look at.

What a neat storage space. From this, we all know that Hannah is a well-organized person. She loves carefully arranged things including everything in the kitchen. Cooking essentials are well stored on jars and each jar is organized perfectly on the wooden rack (take a look, she puts her jars based on the size. perfect!).

At home, Hannah always uses muted tones that can be collaborated with the existing nature’s color schemes; and amazing! This idea has produced a perfectly calming atmosphere. Of course, it’s good for Hannah to write songs, to get more inspiration, and to practice yoga she loves so much.

Even you can find lots of Hannah’s creative works in her home. Hand-shaped ornament with neutral-floral print cover and a string of wrapping paper leaves are just the few of Hannah’s products installed in one of the space’s corners.

This is my favorite corner where we’ll find a couple of chairs with a big glass window as the background. This light-flooding sitting area offers a cozy space to welcome everyone visiting this house. The same spot is also ideal to get more privacy while writing the lyrics or just enjoying the hot coffee in winter.

This is the display corner where lots of Hannah’s products are well showed in this shelving unit. Take a look at the colors used in each kind of product; they’re soft and beautiful. Hannah also always adds floral patterns on her products.

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