Cool and Natural Pole Barn House Design

In the previous post, the writer brought the theme of barn house, but today we will talk about it again. However, this special post will discuss about Pole barn house. What is pole barn house? Pole barn house is kind of barn house which is suitable for pole area. In this case, you will see some adorable design of pole barn house with various concepts. The writer provides several pictures in this article and you can choose the best pole barn house for your planning.

Let us see the first picture which shows a nice natural green pole barn house with wooden made concept. This pole barn house is quite big anyway, it is made of wood in all the corner. This pole barn house has adorable green roofing concept with single big chimney for the fireplace. This barn house is like the common house and has deck railing around the building. We can compare it with the other design which has smaller than the first one. This barn house in fact is made of vertical wooden concept to build the house. It has not porch anyway way, but it has a small fireplace and the roof uses white concept.

The other house also has the same design with small design, but this one has black roofing concept. The other pole barn house uses small and short roofing concept with purple accent. The body is made of wood with simple design. There is other pole barn house which has bigger size. This pole barn house has adorable white snow roofing design with dark wall concept. In addition, this house has a large field with a small fence design made of wood. Well, those samples above are just a few samples which can be showed in this article. Thus, you can choose your favorite one.


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