Bring Basement Floor Covering More Vivid

Basement floor covering is intended to beautify the basement look. Change your plain-tone basement only by giving the floor perfect covers. You have to select the best cover to your basement floor because it will affect the basement look. You only select one of these basement floor covers: Epoxy paints and carpet blocks.

Between these two basement floor covers, Epoxy paints become the most favorite because they are produced in three variants. The variants are water-based Epoxy paints, solvent-based Epoxy paints, and total solid Epoxy paints. Each will create wonderful change to the basement.

Painting the basement floor probably becomes the best solution to cover the basement floor. It is claimed as cheap basement floor renovation because the paint is inexpensive and has huge variants of colors. The colors can be mixed each other, so you can create much more new colors that meet your needs.

In selecting basement floor covering, especially basement floor paint, please buy type of paints that offer good durability and water-resistance. It would be better if you choose the one that is moisture resistant. Different to Epoxy paints, regular paints are categorized into latex blend paints and oil-based paints. Now you can decide what basement floor covering you are going to apply for.


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