Basic Interior Design for Dummies

Understanding basic interior design is essential even if you hire an expert to decorate your whole house. It is very useful to let you understand the direction of expert’s decorating process. Here is overview of basic interior design for dummies to consider. It includes various elements and components that should be balanced in order to create attractive interior decoration.

There are five basic aspects of design. To achieve certain effects all these aspects are used by all artists whether they are sculptors, painters or interior designers and the five elements have to work together for the entire unified result. The first element is color which plays role as illusion creator and mood maker. Form is the second aspect which defines general shape of any object. The next element which is line, acts as boundary or direction of an object. Mass element on the other hands occupies space aspect. The fifth aspect of texture dealing with the feeling experienced when touching the object.

But still these five aspects are not sufficient to create successful results. There are advanced five composition components which are also crucial for understanding basic interior design for dummies. The first component is focal point defined as visual reference or home base. The second important components are scale and proportion. If scale belongs to the whole size of an object, proportion is about parts of the whole object. Harmony and unity are the next components in which harmony tells you about the combination of similar elements while unity represents the entire sense of belonging together. The four component called contrast is when opposite conditions are placed side by side for instance black and white. The last component of interior design is variety which acts as interiors flavors.


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