Cover Your Floor Area with Basket Weave Carpets and Feel the Warm Mood in Your Room

What do you use to cover your floor area to get the warm and comfy mood in your room? I am sure that most of you use a rug or carpet because it is very easy to decorate and the cost does not expensive.

If you are already bored with your old carpet appearance and want to purchase the new one, you can give a try to decorate the basket weave carpet which will provide you welcoming home decoration.

The basket weave carpet is often used by people to beautify and cover the tile or hardwood floor in any room in their house. The main reasons why they love this carpet are the price which us affordable and its good resistance of stain.

This carpet is generally presented in bold textures, checkerboard and sea grass which give you rich choice. The color of this rug is usually presented in soft or natural color scheme which will offer calm and welcoming room outlook.

Let’s see the decoration of basket weave carpet in the living room. The presence of the basket weave carpet makes the living room have a welcoming tone. Moreover, the sofa which is chosen in the same tone with the carpet creates perfect color combination which makes the room more stunning and comfy. Besides, the warmth of the room is more visible with the presence of fireplace.

Besides the living room, you can also display the basket weave carpet in the bedroom, dining room, even in the staircase. As you can see in the pictures, the staircase looks balmy with this calm basket weave carpet. Moreover, it is very useful to protect from slipping when you are walk through the staircase.


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