Bathroom Skylight Design Ideas

Skylight ceiling is modern ceiling architecture which is creating an awesome window to your ceiling. The purpose of using skylight of course is about having warm sun light directly from above to your room. skylight also can be your second lighting when your room seems a little bit dark, so you don’t have to waste any electricity. Skylight can be applied to any room in your home, your bedroom, your living room, even your bathroom.

Bathroom with fresh and natural appearance will give you fresh feeling too of taking a bath, so it will be perfect if you have a skylight inside your own bathroom. Skylight doesn’t have to be big and large, small square or round shape will make your bathroom looks beautiful. Usually, proper part of your bathroom ceiling which is suitable for skylight is directly above your bath tub or your room shower area.

Bathroom skylight can be decorated with some cool ways. Start from your bathroom skylight frames. It is same as you choosing a frame for your windows. There are available frames with regular shape like rectangular shape and custom shape like half moon shape. If you still want to have private time in your bathroom, you can use a shader for your bathroom skylight. Using curtain is not exactly a right way, remembering it is on your bathroom ceiling.

Some of bathroom skylight design ideas will help you to find inspiration of having bathroom skylight. Trying new thing like skylight to your bathroom will be great, especially for your bathroom interior design.


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