Complete Your Bathroom with Storage for Towel

Storage for bathroom is necessary, especially for your Towel is important stuffs for your bathroom and surely it must be always hygienic and clean. That’s why you need good storage place for it. Cabinets are common bathroom storage place, but if you need more simple and easy storage for your towel, you need to find creative storage place design for it. Here are some tips that you can apply for giving your bathroom organizing stuffs.

First option of bathroom storage for towel is vertical shelves. Shelves are simple storage of all, then why it should vertical? Vertical things are more decorative than horizontal. Besides shelves, you can also choose vertical wall mounted towel hanger or arranging baskets in vertically order. You can wash directly your towel after you use it, you need to hang it. Complete your bathroom storage with hanger, because wet towel is better to be hang, not folded.

Don’t mix your bathroom storage for towels with other stuffs, towel needs independent storage to keep its cleanliness. The best way to put towel on your bathroom storage is rolling it, not fold it into square or rectangular folding. Use your bathroom door back part to create multiple towel holders, so you can save more your bathroom space nicely.

Wire towel holder can be a perfect thing to be your bathroom storage because wire towel works just like your kitchen wire basket dish. Put your bathroom storage in good spot like near your bathroom vanity or right above your toilet on the wall.

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