Inspiring Images of Bathroom Vanities You Have to See

Bathroom vanity is a counter located on the top of the cabinet in the bathroom. It is usually arranged with sinks, faucets, and mirrors, which are mounted on the wall. If you plan to design house bathroom vanity, I will show you several tips of how to deal with it.

The initial thing you should consider is the purpose of building the vanity. After you determine the purpose, the second thing you need to decide is the cost of the elements and installation. The last is the aesthetic element shown in the bathroom space. For further details about it, let’s see images of bathroom vanities displayed in the following section.

If you have a sufficient space, you can decorate twin bathroom vanities. As shown in the picture, the dark wooden cabinets look suitable to the white ceramic countertop. For the faucets, the stainless steels are the best idea to perform durable and stylish visage. Then, mirrors are attached to the wall. Aside from adorning the space, the curved mirrors are also useful to create spacious illusion.

Mounted bathroom vanity is perfect for those who have narrow bathroom space as it does not waste the floor space. The red cabinet, for example, is space saving and also look playful. The ceramic vessel sinks also fit the décor.

Next, the bathroom vanity with vessel sinks is also not inferior to those which have been mentioned. It is arranged with light wooden cabinets and also stunning granite countertop. On the wall, there are two square mirrors which are simple but elegant.


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