Be Unique & Different just with These Ten Tropical Flairs for Your Dream Tropical Home

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It’s must be so freshening and unique when we add a little bit tropical flair to our interior and exterior. This idea is also recommended to welcome our summer time when we prefer staying at our lovely home to go outside. The tropical flair commonly offers a peaceful and cozy nuance for home, and it uses some characterful manifestations such as natural fibers, light woods, and living plants that bring spa-like feel.

Complete your tropical setting with the real houseplants. Make sure you choose the right size and kind of plant that accommodate your space. It’s okay to set the bigger one for the corner and the smaller ones for some particular spots like this. It will look much more natural with clay-burnt pots as the ideal media for plant growing. Or you may want to add some nature-themed wall decors as what has applied in this room.

The instant way to begin implementing tropical theme in your home is with natural fiber, and basket becomes the work easily found in any handmade work pieces. Seagrass basket is the most recommended one since it’s durable and visually interesting. You can use it for storage (even for greens storage solution). The casual basket also offers chic and naturally warm look.

To optimize the tropical theme, I wanna say probably you need to add more wood element to your home. The old wood furnishings may need to paint over for a fresher look and feature them with the latest color trends (that really fit your existed furnishing pieces). You also need to include some natural decors besides the plants for a more vignette and warmer appearance.

There is a way to update your light wood setting is by adding the houseplants with big leaves. The leaves are exactly big but dominant. They’re really obvious in room, creating huge portion of natural vibe that effectively gives a fresh nuance for the homeowner. Add a corner chair with trendy prints and colors for chic setting.

If you want to exist the houseplants with big leaves, it’s a must to collaborate them with the neutral palettes. The green leaves will help the natural vibe keeps alive although we use the faded neutral palettes as the background or even just complementary items.

Add the characterful signs of tropical concept just by selecting some tropical flavors like tropical fruit arts, tropical bird paintings, or tropical plants that can live up your natural decor. Make sure they can create a new environment that provides relaxing and fun nuance while being there.

Tropical wallpaper also takes my interest. It could be the masterpiece of room that offers a distinctive character by its look (including motif and color). With big and bold leaves, the wallpaper exactly becomes the wall accent of room. Moreover, it definitely gives a tropical glam to the room. Just feature it with a cozy leather chair for a ‘lazy’ seating nook.

If you choosing the neutral palettes for your interior, it’s easier to mix-match. You don’t have to mix the light and dark wood tones, but just feel free to put them together for more color richness, and make each shape as the most significant part to emphasize. The involvement of natural fiber baskets and tropical plants, for instance, are so identical with tropical flair and able to vividly light up the space.

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Tropical style can also be found in physical interior design which commonly focuses on the use of large windows, doors, and glass panels in a home. These items really reflect what most tropical homes need. With large and high glass windows and doors, the natural light and relaxing breeze can freely access the room. It must be fun sensation, right?

Pair of windows and a front door reveal a fresh and creative look for a tropical exterior. This package casually exposes lot of custom details, starting from the size and variation. This is what we call an ideal tropical exterior retreat, especially when we include such large front windows and big-leaves houseplants.

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