Celebrate Your Freedom Day with Beautiful 4th of July Wreath

Happy 4th of July! Yeah, it is a month ahead to celebrate the greatest day in America! 4th of July must be a firework day. The night is no longer dark as various shape of burning red fire color the sky. The day is even more stunning with various parade. And, never miss the day with some beautiful 4th of July wreath that you can make it yourself!

Blue siphon cloth is the main material for the first design. Make round shape with the cloth and repeat for several times. To give beautiful volume on its surface, take some needles and pin lots of spot of the siphon till it shapes wave pattern. Then, American flag ribbon will sweeten the outlook along with the “happy 4th of July”!

I like the next design very much! It is such traditional wreath you can make from rattan. Just imagine to make a crown. Then, to touch the wreath with beauty, adding clematis accessory with white flower must be best. Don’t forget to stick blue ribbon on the middle part. Then, an American flag has to stood firmly on the wreath. Awesome!

Be creative in this beautiful day. Everything can be juggled into a beautiful wreath including clothes pin. Take several clothes pins and color them in blue, white and red. Add stars pattern to the blue one in zig-zag shape. Then, put evenly the red and white pins while the blue need to be united in a spot. Once the shape is round, your 4th of July wreath shows different style! unique!

Reference: www.activityvillage.co.uk

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