Beautiful Vintage Accents: Challenging Yet Fun To Elevate Home

heavy lace accent for dining chair's back Pinterest

Everybody knows that decorating a home with vintage accents is fun yet challenging. You have to look for vintage items at flea markets, thrift stores, and even garage sales that perfectly fit your home and can meet what you need. To help you find out those vintage accents, here I want to share ten best ideas of vintage accents that probably suit your personal taste.

Metal bed frame with headboard is the first find. The bed here is the focal point of room; it’s definitely beautiful. A feminine chandelier and ruffled bed linen here also complement the bed.

Here, at least there are more than three vintage accents: painting, Commode, vase, and rug. Each is purchased at different stores. Ikea’s vase is fascinating, a perfect complementary item for this shabby yellow Commode by Almoneda Fair.

Full-height headboard – a perfect solution for a serious vintage accent of bedroom. Built from organic wood, this is the perfect way for the designer to expose more about the original texture and tone of wood. The physical look is shabby and old, indeed, but this is the actual value the designer wants to deliver to us.

Lace shower curtain for a vintage appeal. Feel the sensation with this beautiful shower curtain. Through floral motifs, the lace is not only adding a beauty, but also a dramatic accent to the bathroom.

Vividly red credenza – a whimsical vintage accent for any room designs. Garnished with black buttons on both sides, the credenza sends a classic style. Red makes a stated look, so it’s genius way to spice up the space with this storage piece.

Actually all things in this space are in gorgeous vintage, but the clawfoot bathtub has stolen my heart. It’s totally delivering the real vintage that’s visually old, shabby, and stained.

Play around with color and green is the chosen one. Actually, the chair is simple, supported with the angled legs and railed back.

The chair is inspired by Italian’s midcentury modern. Its deep-seat and tufted back enhance a retro style, and the most interesting one is the fabrics fully coating the chair. It’s a rug printed.

Heavy lace for chairback’s accent. This is a great idea to add a vintage touch to your outdoor furniture (especially for romantic dinner).

Industrial rustic coffee table with a bit of vintage touch. As the basic material, solid wood here is crafted to enhance the natural look, while the study hairpin metal legs are inspired by industrial style.

Vintage Danish table made of best wooden like teak and oak. The table consists of two layers of surface made of teak for the top, teak plus wicker for the under storage, and solid oak for legs.

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