Bedroom Design Inspirations that Totally Can Raise Your Mood

single bed frame with peach comforter peach walls wood plank floors modern area rug with colorful line accents wood bench seat Pinterest

Everyone dreams about the most favorite spot to relax and to recharge the body and mind and the most perfect spot is in the bedroom. It’s free for you to redecorate your own bedroom based on your personal taste and preference. With personal touch, the bedroom will be helpful to raise the mood when just waking up and seeing the rising sun. Fortunately, today I would like to share ten best ideas of how to redecorate a graceful and mood bedroom.

Ultra-soft and feminine – maybe this idea is perfect for you. Whites and soft pink are the chosen color schemes that create minimal look in this bedroom. These colors also visually give warmth, but the greenery here adds natural and fresh vibe to this bedroom.

White dominates this bedroom and light wood here adds warmth to this bedroom. I think these two color schemes are perfect to combine; they obviously give clean and simple look, a perfect choice for you guys who love clean and uncluttered bedroom.

What a romantic bedroom! The most stunning one is the draperies that visually make the bed frame looks dramatically beautiful. It can also be an instant way to make the bedrooms special. The industrial pendant here obviously gives different touch.

Simple canopy featuring poppy pompoms – these elements are able to transform the bored bedroom into the stylish one. Use other poppy color schemes to create a fun kids’ bedroom. Don’t forget to add some kids’ favorite stuffs on it.

For you guys who love modern Bohemian, this bedroom design definitely will give you a new inspiration. There are macramé wall ornament, bed treatment, and greenery that exactly add Bohemian vibe to this bedroom.

ethnic pattern comforter Moroccan style bedside table white area rug with tribal patterns in black ornate drapery in white


What makes this looks different than previous idea is the draperies. The draperies are functioned as simple backdrop that actually gives a huge impact to the bedroom’s look.

Talking about the backdrop, this one has more textural colors and patterns, giving a visual interest to the whole room especially for the bed frame. The firefly string lamps here also bring a romantic vibe to this private room.

Peach vibe is simply created by the walls’ and bed linen’s color scheme. Yes, it’s perfect to combine this color scheme with other soft color schemes like light wood and whites.

The patterns are so stunning. Inspired by floral that exists in daily life, this duvet cover looks so stylish, can be a statement of the bedroom.

Light-soaking bedroom design with some greenery – The bedroom is comfortable with pure white bedding linen and earthy brown pillows. The greenery here works optimally with the lighted space where we can see the greenery adds a modern Boho touch to this bedroom.

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