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Elegant Super Bright Bathroom Design With Soft Blue Painted Wall With Floating Shelvs On The Wall With Rattan Storage Bins And Vanity
Classy Bathroom Design With Brown Glossy Bathroom Siding And Freestanding Shelves On Wooden Floor Aside White Partition Panel
Gorgeous Black Iron Bathroom Shelves Design With Three Slots For Toilteries And Towels Aside White Freestanding Vanity Beneath White Brick Wall
Adorable Mounted Wall Shelves In The Bathroom Made Of Wooden Baord On White Painted Wall With Ombree White Gray Curtain
Modern And Minimalist Bathroom Design With Single Vanity With White Framed Wall Mirror And White Wall Shelves Idea Aside Tall Narrow Floor Mirror
Gorgeous Black Wire Bathroom Shelves Design Like Bird Cage On Rustic Brick Wall Design With Framed Round Wall Mirror
Stunning Modern Bathroom Idea With Large Wall Mirror And Molded Bathroom Shelves In White With Orchid Decoration And Modern Lighting
Adorable Black Bathroom Wall Shelves Design In Recessed Style In Bathroom With Concrete Rustic Siding And Indoor Plant Decoration
Elegant Bathroom Design With Bold Wooden Shelves Design And Small Tiles Mosaic Backsplash And Modern Bathtub
Elegant Beige Wooden Shelves In The Bathroom With Dominant Color Whie With Large Glass Window And Wooden Floor

It is true that bathroom is the place to take shower, to soak your body into the bathtub and to deal with your digest. However, todays bathroom is designed in such a way so it turns into a comfortable space even to relax. Yeah, the current style makes bathroom as a cool spot to have a home spa. Here, everyone could feel the serenity as well as the comforting feeling. Of course, you need some features that will support the condition like bathroom wall shelving to make it properly organized!

Taking place on such gray concrete bathroom siding, a set of bathroom shelves make contrast tone with best black color covering the frame. Yeah, it is recessed style bathroom shelves with wooden material as the core if the design. to deal with your toiletries, this one should the more pampering!

The next idea of bathroom wall shelving is made with mounted style. it looks good shaping pattern and texture on the white wall paint with rustic wooden board as the shelves. again, not only functional, these shelves are also fashionable sprucing the interior!

Another design is not merely mounted idea, but it mirrors the design of a bird cage with black wire shaping the shelves like crate. It fits to load your toiletries as well as bathroom towels with adorable tone to fill your rustic vintage bathroom.

Further, white molded and mounted bathroom shelves become such classic idea to make yours looks perfect and elegant. It adds glamor look as well as classy feeling to the bathroom with orchid decoration applied.


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