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smooth concrete walls and floors contemporary modular sofa in white black accent pillows black coffee table in contemporary style white ceilings with modern lighting fixtures Pinterest

Concrete Bathtub Concrete Bathroom Vanity With White Sink And Frameless Mirror With Storage Behind Hexagon Tile Floors In Red Multicolored Bathroom Mat Wood Finish Walls
Rough Concrete Ceilings Black Piping For Light Fixtures Accent Chandelier In Red Wood Finish Walls And Floors Smooth Concrete Finish Wall And Dining Table Black Dining Chairs
Various Trendy Lighting Fixtures With Concrete Base
Asymmetrical Concrete Working Desk
Stylish Table Lamp With Round Concrete Base And Brass Finish Connector
Smooth Concrete Walls And Floors Contemporary Modular Sofa In White Black Accent Pillows Black Coffee Table In Contemporary Style White Ceilings With Modern Lighting Fixtures
Rough Concrete Finish For Ceilings Handmade Texture Concrete Walls Stone Tile Floors
Durable And Stylish Concrete Room Partition Light Gray Beanbags And Cushions Light Wood Plank Floors Rough Concrete Ceilings
Accent Table Lamp With Bigger Concrete Base
Beton Ceilings Purely White Walls Modern White Modular Sofa Wood Plank Floors

Concrete is one of best materials as it is durable and hard to damage. This kind of solid material is also low budget and eco-friendly because you don’t require adding another layer of floor to get the stylish and practical interior/ exterior base. Modern home design and architecture prefer concrete to other kinds of materials for facades, complementary interior items, and even accessories since it has more benefit. Today’s architects and designers believe that concrete is timeless and able to meet people’s style. Modern-industrial with raw concrete, heavy metals, and hard wood applications is just the real example how the concrete has been popular and most-often-used material in architecture and home design. Need more inspirations of concrete use for today’s homes? Just join us to get inspired.

Smooth concrete finish fills the whole walls and floors but it’s still getting the texture. The finish, visually, works with this contemporary furniture set, especially the modular sofa. The space looks like airy, still bright, and minimalist due to this kind of smooth concrete surface.

It’s a contrast, exposing the rough surface of concrete finish on ceilings and smooth visual presented by crisp white walls and natural wood floors. White modular sofa here adds the bright and elegant furniture piece that indirectly softens the space.

Concrete is also applicable for home accessories like this concrete table lamp. Basically, the design is unique and stylish, showcasing the simplest look with concrete for its base. The brass connector is not only decorative, but it’s also a color accent.

Or if you need more ideas about the similar concrete lighting fixture products, here are available in various designs.

Etsy also provides the same product but this one is bigger, matching for you who like something bold and stunning to your working desk or bedside table.

The craziest dining room. Look at the dining furniture; it’s extraordinary and full of uniqueness in physical design and color choice. I find two different concrete finish in this room: smooth and rough concrete surfaces applied on ceilings and walls. The dining table coated with smooth concrete finish is visually connected to the walls, presenting the unique way to style both walls and furniture; and the chandelier is successfully making a new statement after the wood finishing.

Concrete can also be best option for low-budget bathroom properties like this concrete bathtub; and amazingly it can be made by yourself (a DIY tub). Concrete, in visual, looks cool and simple; you can make the space more textural in color by completing the bathroom with such a great linen bathroom mat and wood-finish walls.

Cool working space. Simply with unique design, this working space will offer you the greatest experience during being in this office. Asymmetrical working table is not merely giving the uniqueness, but it’s a stated spot to lay down your gadget and hot coffee. Inspiring.

This concrete room divider looks interesting to try out. It offers durable, permanent, and stylish partition with texture exposed.

Ceilings and walls are made by the same concrete finish but not the texture. Ceilings’ texture looks so natural, but the walls’ is handmade-texture. The texture on walls is made neatly with regular patterns.

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