Best Finds: Warm, Soft-Neutral, and Earthy Interior Designs for Homie Living Space

log bamboo bed frame tree trunk side table pendant with oversized craft lampshade Pinterest

Anyone must have a dreamy house where we have a plan to live in and build most fun living experience with the lovely ones. Sometimes we need a special home decor idea that fairly meets with our personal style and warm, soft-neutral, and earthy is just one of them. Well, today I would like to share ten best finds that describe warm, soft-neutral, and earthy interior designs for home. Hopefully these finds will give you more inspiration for next home project.

The nuance is clearly describing a warm and peaceful space where it’s obviously supported with a couple of simple yet comfy lounge chairs and a deep blue sofa. I personally love the concrete walls. They look like the bare clay finish with natural tone and texture. The exposed wood beams and ceilings are authentic, definitely presenting a traditional style.

What an adorable pendant. It has the dried thatch-covered lampshade that’s visually interesting as well as matching with the grand theme, soft-neutral & warm. White fabrics also work perfectly for warm and homey-goal interior.

With clean look and minimalist, the space draws a modern style; and the draperies, they look so dramatic with the color.

This is called a neo rustic, a summer house that is ever found in countryside of French. The overall interior facade is built from natural wooden with shabby finish. The oversized pendant here is so stunning, being the only one light fixture with simple look in white. Simply looks like a traditional lantern.

Set your bed furniture as simple as possible. This of course will help you to create a loose, comfy, and airy visual effect. Just put some ornate things like photographs or paintings simply on the floors; just lean them on wall right beside your bed. This is a great idea of bedroom decor design that’s on hot trend.

It feels different if we re-decorate our bedroom in antimainstream style choice. Like this idea, we’ve found that the bed frame is just the well-arranged logs of bamboos, obviously focusing on how to maximize the natural resources around us. Tree trunk side table and the lampshade are other real local crafts that visually highlight this bedroom. Fantastic.

I only focus on the rug, it’s simple yet so inviting. With modern black line accent, this handmade wool rug has been perfect complementary item for such a warm lounge. The tone is relatively same with the sofa and clay planters.

Huge macrame wall decor becomes the highlight of room, directly leading to Boho style the designer wants to show off from this bedroom. The position of wall decor is so precise, at the center of a couple of long-wired ceiling lamps with local product lampshade covers. This is the reason why the position is very important to set a thing as the statement of room.

hard wood bench seat with backrest and the series of warm toned throw pillows two layers of gray area rug with tassels round top log coffee table in midcentury modern style modern industrial floor lamp


A lounge with fully wooden furniture set with midcentury modern touch. The bench seat is completed with the series of throw pillows intentionally adjusted in the same tone with the walls to give a cohesive look to whole space; and the floor lamp is so amazingly beautiful. It offers a modern industrial look.

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