Best Inspiring Heart-Shaped Bed Designs

luxurious & classy bed frame with tufted & heart shaped headboard and pillars addition Imagine Living

When we’re talking about heart, we’re spontaneously thinking about love. Heart is also closely related to couples with great feeling of love. This exactly makes heart so meaningful. There are some people make all things connected to heart (even those which are literary shapes of heart) as their favorite, and use it for garnishing their favorite space at home. A heart-shaped bed is just one of examples commonly found at lots of houses where the heart lovers live in, and in this opportunity, I would like to show you up what ideas of heart-shaped pieces I finally discovered in some inspiring houses. Here, I just showed ten best heart-shaped bed designs, not something else, since these pieces reflect more the owner’s personal preference and they’re also hard & rare to search for. Let’s scroll down and be ready to fall in love with.

Heart-shaped headboard – I’m really sure that this bed will make your little girl feel so amazing. The red heart is so ornamental as well as fabulous! Lots of little hearts on comforter can also be best match. It sounds full of love.

Another inspiring heart-shaped bed for girls. This adorable bed must be the best bed furniture for your little princess. Deeper futon is specifically designed for more comfortable setting. Pair it too with another heart-shaped item like these heart-shaped chairs. And pink is really good choice for being primary scheme in this bedroom.

pink twin metal bed frame with arched & heart shaped headboard & footboard white finish bedside table with heart shaped handles

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Twin bed with metal finishing. Baby pink still be favorite that complements this arched headboard, and the heart shapes are the accessories that amazingly beautify the bed frame. What a perfect timeless design!

girls bedroom baby pink bed frame with asymmetric heart shaped headboard in red and pink white bedside tables white wardrobe with red accents

Kidz Decor

Use red and pink as the color accents implemented in all furnishing pieces. Make them more obvious and stunning just by combining them with white, the primary scheme. Asymmetric heart-shaped bed brings uniqueness and new style.

White is clean and feels so airy. You can use this color for little princess’s bedroom. White bed frame with tufted & asymmetric heart-shaped headboard, of course, will give a fully decorative detail to this room. Feature the bed with white bed linen accented with red accent motifs.

One thing that makes this bed is totally different with other bed frame products is the headboard. The headboard is made from the very thin wood pieces which are twisted together (it’s called wicker).

Designed by AltaModa, this bed looks so luxurious and classy. It exposes a sophisticated design. Not only the headboard, its four pillars in each side have hand-crafting details of twisters.

So striking! Red heart-shaped bed frame with tufted headboard. It’s an anti-mainstream design. Its glossy red bed linen and pillows also add charm. Wanna have this? I think this bed is custom one.

A Bohemian style bed frame with handcraft metal headboard. The curtain adds dramatic appeal and bright yellow nightstand is an accent of room due to its scheme. Both the bed and bedside table are the stunner, aren’t they?

Pink is dominating the space, specifically designed for little girls. Probably I wanna say this bedroom is a dream bedroom design for most little princess. Each piece of furniture has heart-shaped detail, but not the nightstand. And look at the bed curtains, they’re so cute and charming. With semitransparent light pink lace, they surely will be the most beautiful ornament in this space.

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