Best References of Teens’ Room that Never Out of Date

minimalistic teen bedroom light wood bed frame with headboard window with white shutter light gray blanket white side table Pinterest

Teenagers’ bedroom maybe one of the hardest part to design. You need to know the girls/ boys’ personal style and apply it well in their most privacy space. Why is it important? As good parents, of course you want to see your lovely girls/ boys grow up through the years with a condusive and comfortable atmosphere, and girls/ boys’ bedroom becomes the start point to get this.

Well, to give you many more references, here we would share some inspiring boys/ girls bedroom designs probably fit your need.

Smart storage is a point plus for boys/ girls bedroom. It helps you to make a good habit: keep things in well-ordered, so the space looks visually comfy. Overall design is also playful yet adult-like one – exposing more the neutral tones through the wallpaper prints and bedding’s motifs.

Have a plan to re-make a large kids’ share bedroom? Just consider a couple of queen beds instead of twin-style beds. This helps to give ultra-comfort and a mature-like bed design. Add some Boho pieces like bright-tone pillows, sheets, and patterned rug – creating a textural and rich colors. The abstract photography here also give a modern-chic touch.

Make it clean and simple – some teenagers love minimalist – neutrals instead of bright colors, no posters, less patterns, etc. Neutrals bring more dimension to the space, and it will be more obvious after fluffy rug, luxurious bedding, and extended wood headboard are added.

Clean line yet a bit classic – this teen bedroom displays some traditional furniture pieces combined with wood element, providing warm feel to the space.

Small-space bedroom? It doesn’t matter. Hidden storage becomes the best solution, but this integrates with the bed – giving more functional & stylish at once. Minimalist and uncluttered space also become the point plus of this teen bedroom.

Still about the limited space for teen bedroom. This bedroom design really suits for growing teen boys. Some deep color shades like blue and red, and patterns give the texture to this space. Wood element here also contributes in adding naturaly warm feel, while floor-to-ceiling draperies look so dramatic in this cozy place.

Make your girl bedroom as comfy as possible. Really sure that this bedroom idea would be a fancy one for your girl. The space is highlighted with a ultra-cozy tufted seat where the girl can curl up or nap comfortably.

A neutral-gender teen bedroom idea. This is the most completed one, consisting of simple studying desk and chair. A beanbag here becomes the ideal spot to relax or just to read favorite novels.

Floor-bed idea – just save the space as well as create a sense non-formal bed set. Cover the floor with warm and wooly rug to seize a comfy feel.

It feels warm when looking at the curtains and quilt. Such tone is surely supported by right floor option and lighting.

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