Best Vertical Indoor Plant from Home and Garden Catalog

Bringing outdoor view indoor is mow popular for more practical and efficient design in the house. It is not merely attaching beautiful landscape painting on the wall, but creating an indoor courtyard is the answer of all. However, to make a big courtyard spends loft of money and space, so the simpler one must be a good choice to go along with. Vertical home and garden catalog may become a nice solution for you because it is small, space saver and of course less costly!

To live the nuance of the living room, a small vertical garden is enough. You might be surprised with the mini idea of wall in white tone standing still above the coffee table. Yeah, instead of a potted plant, it is better to look at the sleeve made by the climbing plant.

The next one seems to enlarge the design to the wall. It invades a room with white wooden siding, and the vertical garden goes up to half in height. With modern planter boxes, they step to the top together with some hanging pots applied. The nuance is getting more adorable as there is a white vintage chair added.

There is another style that lets the occupant of a home applying super large wall vertical garden idea. it is applied almost to the whole surface of a wall with brick accent beneath lattice decoration. Not only fresh, but the colorful small flowers play more beyond the expectation.

Using wire stand in the house, you can add some potted plants with hooks on every slot of the design. I think, it becomes the most practical and adorable garden and home catalog idea!


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