Big-Scale Wall Statements that Instantly Can be Personalized by Yourself

colorful magnetic car mural idea Crate And Barrel

Some people love something decorative and big for creating a statement in their home, especially on walls. Fortunately, there are so many options of wall decors designed in big size, so they can be a focal point that offers a dramatic look to the space. If you’re really interested in owning such wall statement, check out these inspiring products.

This is a movable display wall for arts. Its dusty rose color, of course, beautifully colorizes the space. The overall design offers practical and modern, providing a great solution for an aesthetic & functional wall statement.

Really need to fill your blank wall with something unique and creative? This idea probably needs to try. Just hang IKEA’s rug on your wall. This piece instantly creates an instant pattern and textural color to your space without spending much money. With this, you’ve indirectly made a piece of creative art.

creative wardrobe storage with pine tree print decors on door panels natural fiber made armchair with throw pillow cowhide rug

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The tree-walls behind the chair is actually a wardrobe storage but the owner has transformed it into a more than wardrobe. It’s so creative to add the series of refreshing pine tree prints on storage’s door panels, making them look like a floral wallpaper.

simple paint framed with light wood frames dark toned pouches Christmas tree dark leather sofa

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If you really love a big-scale art wall, this simple paint is well recommended for you. Just frame it with the light wood frame and see how glorious it is. Hang it on wall behind your pouches.

personalized IKEA cabinets with colorful paint on surface

Maybe it’s fun to turn your ordinary storage into an artwork. Like these IKEA’s cabinet, the owner creatively makes it as a mural that’s also provides the practical storage space. Cabinets with untreated or flat surface are really recommended in order to make us easy to colorize it on.

Wall statement isn’t always about the wall decors or arts. It simply could be a reading nook plus the series of cabinets for keeping your things, especially your favorite books.

What a beautiful car mural! The colors and arrangement are totally interesting. I really love this art. Tens or even hundreds of car collections are orderly stuck on wall by magnetic force, designed as the stunning & dramatic wall statement.

Hidden but still noticeable. Here, the homeowner uses a rug for a creative wall statement. Liz, the owner, hang a large-scale cowhide rug, overlapped against a big decorative mirror. A brilliant idea for making an instant wall statement, isn’t it?

It’s fun to make your kids’ playroom as the spot for study, too. Just create a fun atmosphere with such a creative wall statement, wall decor idea with vintage maps. Here, the kids and you can guess what countries they want to visit, or simply do a guess-game of the country names. What a fun!

These tape-made frames make your photos on wall much more attractive. Use different color for each photo and see a sophisticated look.

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