Gorgeous Black and White Apartment Ideas: Another Way to Save Your Tiny Space

Apartment with tiny size might get you troubled when you want to have more in term of gorgeous home decoration. Actually, you can still make the most of your tiny apartment by keep away unnecessary accessories or furniture that can cause narrow look to your apartment. However, it doesn’t mean that you can have accessories or furniture in your room, but you should try to be creative in maximizing the space into elegant and stylish at the same time.

One of the ways to make it happens is by elaborating aesthetic and functional elements to your tiny apartment. In term of aesthetic element, you can opt to have neutral backdrop for the wall by choosing black and white combination that can provide an exclusive and elegant style. With a little bit intricate pattern of your wall, you can add other soft splash of colors to make the room look spacious.

Or, you can have unique wallpaper motif to give extra beautiful effect to your limited space. In order to give less visual fragmentation, you don’t need to combine more than three colors because it will avoid you to have airy and spacious atmosphere. For the functional element, you can have a compact furniture that can be moved here and there so that you can changed the order as long as you want, especially when your mood is not getting better.

Floating furniture for the shelving system is a great idea because you will not let your stuff clutter away. Most importantly, it will keep your room in a fresh vibe as you can see the room is well arranged. Compact furniture can be also applied to your small bathroom. You can choose floating vanities with elegant white mosaic tile walling to give another stylish look to your home decoration design.

reference: decoist.com

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