Black-Stained Kitchen Inspirations, The Kitchen Trend Now People Make It As A Crush

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Dark isn’t always bad to try out for homes. Black for the kitchen, for instance, is a genius idea to create a unique look in your cooking area. It’s rarely found, indeed, but with black, you’ve just got an elegant look. Need more inspirations of kitchen ideas with black stunner? Join us right now and start getting a new idea how to elevate the look of your kitchen.

White never fails to be collaborated with any color shades including black. Both are contradictive yet can complete each other, so they’re creating a good balance in look. Hexagon tile backsplash here becomes a highlight simply through its shade and motifs. Black, as the dominant shade, is also perfect in playing its role: not being too overlooked in this space.

Black-washed finish sounds interesting to apply for the backsplash in the kitchen. The produced shade seems so exotic when being featured with the organic wood and brass finish. Look so elegant. Also, this idea brings a masculine vibe to the kitchen.

Coating the kitchen counter in black is an instant way to get an elegant look in the kitchen. Designed in clean lines, the kitchen gets modern and minimalist look, suiting you who love modern lifestyle and personal taste.

A curved kitchen counter becomes the best solution to optimize the corner space commonly can’t be used, and black here is chosen to give a beautiful contrast to this bright space. The pendants are lovely; their messy wires are really accentuating the room.

Ikea’s cabinets are always gorgeous. Stained in black, they bring elegance to any kitchen styles including such a beautiful kitchen. They look so stunning with glossy white subway tile walls and some small greenery.

So modern. It’s genius idea to install the hidden light fixtures behind the open shelf to produce a dramatic light effect to all countertop area and around. The dimmed light effect here is visually warm look and automatically adds a stated visual to the kitchen.

Worn-out walls here give a uniquely textural tone to this kitchen, but it has been softened by diamond-cut tile backsplash with gloss and white surface. What a pretty contrast.

What a lovely! Black featuring warm sand color shade. Both are contradictive yet gorgeous with crisp white shade addition. This color combination can elevate the kitchen look.

Obviously contradictive in black. I don’t feel that all-black finish is bad idea for the kitchen essentials like faucet, sink, and countertop. By contrast, it’s beautiful; visually giving elegance that can elevate the kitchen’s value.

So surprisingly beautiful, finished in black, the kitchen looks standout. The hardwood plank wall here contributes in giving a raw rustic touch that, in visual, it exposes the original texture and tone of organic wood as what rustic has.

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