Black-White Bathroom Inspirations You Never Want to Miss for Next Bathroom Renovation Project

ultra modern bathroom with modern industrial style glass shower partition modern white floating bathroom vanity subway tile walls with black grouts marble floors Pinterest

As one of the private spaces, the bathroom needs special treatment from us. Not only the physical design, there are other aspects we need to consider if we want to make our bathroom the coziest one. The color includes those aspects. We have so many color options for our bathroom and today we just want to highlight black and white bathrooms as new inspirations.

The bathroom visualizes two different types of tiles: matte black hexagon and gloss white subway tiles. They’re totally different in texture and color, and of course this enriches the space. We also find the natural wood element that visually adds the warmth to this bathroom.

Feel so airy. Thanks to the big windows that let the air and natural light naturally in the bathroom. They’re so helpful in making the space lighted even though the space is dominated by black shade.

A bath and shower combined – a genius idea to achieve a space-efficient bathroom design. Black and white here create a big contrast that visually attracts everyone’s eyes.

So luxurious in black. The walls are textured and it acts like a fabulous backdrop for white hardware. Another direct interest is the runner; it instantly brings a boho touch to this bathroom.

The clawfoot bathtub directly adds a vintage vibe to this bathroom and it’s more powerful with the tiles options that really expose the regular patterns, but the window gives different visual. It clearly adopts the industrial style.

Full of luxury and coziness. The bathroom seems to use modern-industrial style for the design. It has special characteristics such as the clean look but keep involving the heavy materials, especially metals finished in black. The subway tiles are also timeless and can be collaborated with any styles including such a gorgeous industrial bathroom.

A delightful bathroom design. A full-height glass window is the statement of space; it’s exposing the refreshing view outside where we can directly access from the bathtub. The rear façade also becomes the emphasis because it offers a subtle texture.

What a dramatic! A bathtub highlighted with shower curtains. To wipe away the monotone look, the bathroom then features with black-white for more textural look. The shower curtains here also play important role: as the sweet maker in this space.

Black and white finishes also leads to industrial style to this bathroom, but the designer has made them clean in look, so the overall look is minimalist and simple. So inspiring.

Black-finish steel framed the glass obviously adds an elegant touch to this modern-industrial bathroom. The finish also gives raw appearance to the space.

Cold and warm senses are in one frame. I personally love the black steel hardware installed in this minimalist bathroom; their contrast have been the stated elements in this space. Purely white bathtub also visualizes a contrast in this gray bathroom.

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